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Submit loss of child in a school or activity bus related event to: "IN LOVING MEMORY." Please indicate child's Name, Age or Grade, School, City, State, Transportation Provider and Date at time of loss. Also, please include a Newspaper or Television Station that carried the story, and the address (http://) of your WEB page. If you don't have a WEB page and would like to make one Geocities will help with providing free WEB page space. Geocities also has a free on line PageBuilder -- if you're not experienced at making a WEB page their page builder will convert your normal typing into HTML code. If you are not on the Internet we will help find someone to host a free page at their WEB site. Click Here for an actual example, by a Virginia parent, of what might be presented on a loving memory page. Year 2000
AlabamaSCHOOL NAME NOT GIVEN, MOUNT HEBRON: Napoleon Spates (6) was killed when he was run over by the school bus that had just dropped him off at his home. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/10/2000
Alabama TUSCALOOSA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL, TUSCALOOSA: Tina Michelle Montgomery (31), a school bus driver, was killed when her bus and a logging truck crashed head-on. A log from the truck crashed through the windshield, killing her. One child was on the bus at the time of the accident. That student was not injured. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/01/2000
Alaska BENNY BENSON SECONDARY SCHOOL, ANCHORAGE: Alford Kennedy (16), an honors student, was killed when his car struck a school bus rear axle at 58 mph in a 40 mph zone. Kennedy did not have a driver's license and was not wearing a seat belt. The Laidlaw school bus had turned left onto a side street without yielding. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/07/2000
ArkansasW.C. WHALEY ELEMENTARY, MONTICELLO: Mary Francis Avery (68) had just walked her grandson across the street to school and was walking back across Main Street when a school bus while making a left turn struck and killed her. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 03/08/2000
ColoradoWOODLAND PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL, WOODLAND: Sisters Autumn Ross (14) and Alicia Ross (12) were struck and killed by a police car as they dashed across U.S. 24 in the early-morning darkness to catch a school bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/04/2000
ColoradoFRUITA MONUMENT HIGH SCHOOL, GRAND JUNCTION: Jessi Spurlock (14) and a friend missed the bus at their usual stop and were walking to the next stop when the bus passed them a second time, according to reports. After that the girls decided to walk home and call for a ride. The two girls were walking in the road and didn't see a Jeep coming down the road. The Jeep struck Spurlock, the impact knocked her out of her shoes and socks. Laidlaw's transportation division manager said the bus driver said she didn't see the two girls walking alongside the road. The state patrol said the driver of the Jeep, a 16-year-old who also attends Fruita Monument, was driving within the speed limit and will not be charged in the accident. 01/25/2000
Florida POINCIANA HIGH, KISSIMMEE: Carlos Rivera (14) an 'A' student was riding a bike to his school bus stop when he was struck by a car. Carlos suffered fatal injuries after hitting the car's windshield. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/23/2000
FloridaLAKE STEVENS MIDDLE SCHOOL, CAROL CITY: 12 year-old boy (name not released) died on his way from school when he stuck his head out the window of a school bus he was riding and was struck by a power pole. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/06/2000
FloridaMANDARIN MIDDLE SCHOOL, JACKSONVILLE: Johnathan K. Sapp (13) was riding his bike when he ran into the bus as it was turning right into a subdivision. After the collision, he was thrown under the bus and run over by the right rear wheels. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/18/2000
Georgia NORTHWEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, CHATSWORTH: Kayla Silvers (6); Daniel Pack (9); Amber Pritchett (9) were on a school bus involved in a collision with a freight train at an unprotected rural crossing. The bus was tore a off its wheels, dragged 100 yards, ejecting and killing the first two children at the scene and critically injuring five others. Amber died the next day, 03/29/2000. The bus video revealed the driver failed to stop at the crossing, the bus radio was playing and the kids were talking. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 03/28/2000
IllinoisWOODVIEW SCHOOL, GRAYSLAKE: 22-month-old Maggie Gunderson was killed when the school bus backed over the toddler when she apparently wandered outside while her mother helped the girl's 3-year-old brother get onto the bus. The bus driver was driving on an expired school bus driver's permit. She was involved in an accident in 1994 that led to her permit being suspended on two separate occasions. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/22/2000
IllinoisOREGON SCHOOL DIST., OREGON: Donald G. Wernick (42), of Dixon, was killed when his tractor-trailer slammed into four other vehicles, including a stopped school bus departing children. Two girls, 8 and 13, had just gotten off the bus. They received minor injuries from flying debris. No children were seriously hurt. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/24/2000
KansasWICHITA: Cecilia Giddeon (36) a School Bus Driver died when her bus rear-ended a plumbing truck, sending steel poles backward and piercing the windshield of the bus and an artery in her heart. A stalled car caused a plumbing truck to swerve in to the path of the school bus and slow suddenly. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/06/2000
Maryland SCHOOL NOT KNOWN, OXON HILL: A 10-year-old Oxon Hill boy (Name not released) died from injuries when his family's car collided with a Prince George's County school bus on a rural road in Fort Washington. The boy's mother was driving south on Old Fort Road about 7:30 a.m. when she tried to turn left onto Gallahan Road and was struck by the oncoming school bus, police said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND. 02/29/2000
Maryland MILL CREEK TOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, MONTGOMERY COUNTY: Andra King (33) was killed when a farm truck pulling a trailer lost control on the wet roadway and jackknifed. The truck slammed into the bus, killing King, of Laurel, Maryland. Friends say King was a responsible and safe driver who loved his job. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND. 05/19/2000
Massachusetts LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, HUDSON: Tristesina Gigliotti (82) died after crashing her car into a school bus injuring the bus driver and 12 children. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND. 03/14/2000
Michigan THOMAS HOUGHTEN ELEMENTARY, DETROIT: Delisa Dozier (10) was getting off the bus at School when her clothing was caught in the door as the bus started moving, dragging her about 35 feet before the driver noticed. She died the next day. "These incidents are tragic and very preventable," officials said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND. 03/24/2000
Michigan CORNERSTONE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, ANN ARBOR: Lauren Stotlar (6) was killed when the bus driver, while watching five other children crossing the street behind the bus, pulled forward running over the first grader. Drivers should never allow children behind the bus; all must exit and walk 10 feet in front of the bus, school officials said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND. 03/21/2000
MichiganSCHOOL NOT KNOWN, BYRON CENTER: School bus driver, Patricia Henry (54), was killed when her bus was rammed by a tractor-trailer at an intersection. According to the Grand Rapids Press, a witness told police that the bus driver touched her brakes and then proceeded southbound through a stop sign, apparently unaware that a semi truck was approaching the intersection from the east and did not have a stop sign in his direction. A high school special-education student, the only passenger on the bus, was injured in the crash, reportedly suffering a ruptured spleen, broken leg and a bump on the head. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 09/11/2000
Michigan UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MEDICAL SCHOOL: U-M student Janis Marchyok (43), mother of three, after walking ten feet into a crosswalk, was hit by the side of a 30,000 pound University bus with the windows and doors fogged over. She was knocked forward by the force, the two rear right tires ran over the length of her body killing her almost instantly. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 09/11/2000
MinnesotaCHERRY VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, LAKEVILLE: Tara Bates (7) while apparently chasing after her departing school bus in the school's parking lot fell and was run over by the rear wheels of the bus. 02/08/2000
New JerseyST. JOHN VIANNEY H.S., HOLMDEL: Thomas Sozzi (36) was killed when a school bus, owned by Irvin Raphael Inc., East Brunswick, suddenly swerved into the eastbound lane on Union Hill Road and hit Sozzi's truck, according to police. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/28/2000
New MexicoTORREON DAY SCHOOL, CROWNPOINT: Sherlynn Sandoval (11) books fell into the stairwell inside the front door of the bus and as she bent down to get them she grabbed the handle that opens the doors. When the driver (also her father) applied the brakes Sherlynn fell out the door and was crushed by the bus wheels. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 03/08/2000
New York RIVERHEAD CENTRAL SCHOOL DIST.,RIVERHEAD: Robert Pace (18) was arrested on a drug possession charge during the trip to the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in New Jersey. He was denied re-entry on the school bus and made his way to Penn Station, where he boarded a Long Island Rail Road train for home. In Bethpage, authorities said he committed suicide by jumping between cars of a Long Island Rail Road train. 04/2000
North CarolinaWHITE OAK HIGH SCHOOL, ONSLOW COUNTY: Ian Kelley (17) was killed when a driver, another White Oak student (16) swerved to miss a school bus and struck a stop sign which then hit Kelley in the head. Kelley died at Pitt Memorial Hospital the next morning. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/21/2000
OhioWRIGHTVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, FAIRBORN: Christy Capps (6) was struck and killed by her school bus after departing and walking in front of the bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/02/2000
OklahomaBARTLESVILLE: Martin Gladstone (39) was killed when a school bus carrying 30 students made a left turn and struck Gladstone who had stepped into the crosswalk. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/03/2000
OklahomaFOREST GROVE SCHOOL, AVANT: James Brandon Corder (17) was killed after his car collided with a school bus filled with students on a rain-slick road. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/25/2000
PennsylvaniaPHILADELPHIA: Joshua Walker (4) was standing on a street corner, a few steps ahead of his foster mother, waiting to cross the street when a school bus made a right turn running over him. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/13/2000
PennsylvaniaAPOLLO-RIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT, WESTMORLAND COUNTY: Kathy A. Ofiesh (39), a translator for hearing impaired students was killed in Lower Burrell on her way to work when her car slid across Route 56 and struck a school bus broadside, police said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 03/21/2000
South CarolinaBROOKLYN SPRINGS ELEMENTARY, LANCASTER: Damien Douglas (5) was running to catch his school bus as it pulled away when he slipped and fell under the wheels of his bus crushing him to death. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/10/2000
TennesseeSARAH MOORE GREENE ELEM., KNOXVILLE: Khalil Branner (5) and a 9-year-old neighbor girl were walking on the side of the road when they enexpectedly darted out in front a car and were struck. Khalil later died from his injuries, which included massive head trauma. The driver of the car, a 16-year-old, was cited for driving without a license. It is believed the children had missed their bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/11/2000
UtahHIGHLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL, Ogden: Marcia Watkins (13), had just finished helping friends and neighbor children board the bus and was crossing the street when a 19-year-old driver attempted to pass the bus, in violation of traffic laws, striking and killing Watkins. 04/05/2000
UtahMURRAY SCHOOL DIST: Maria Pavlov (5) was struck and killed by her school bus while waving to friends on the bus and walking along side the bus when she suddenly fell on a patch of curbside snow and was caught under the right rear wheel as the school bus pulled away. 01/03/2000
West VirginiaUPSHUR COUNTY SCHOOL DISt., BUCKHANNON: A 7-year-old boy a 14-year-old girl (names withheld) were killed when a car swerved from the oncoming lane in front of the stopped bus and hit the children, who were standing between the bus and a guardrail. 05/24/2000
Wisconsin HI-MOUNT COMMUNITY SCHOOL, MILWAUKEE: Trayveon Bassett (7), had just left Finney Public Library and was crossing the street when he was struck and killed by a school bus. 04/05/2000
WisconsinSCHOOL NOT GIVEN, FOND DU LAC: John J. Adamski (17) and Katie D. Malzhow (15), both of Ripon, were killed when Adamski missed a stop sign and struck a school bus at 40 to 50 mph and went under the bus. A 15-year-old girl and 18-year-old boy also in the car were injured in the crash. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/24/2000
WisconsinCEDAR HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, OAK CREEK: Joseph Chojnacki (6) was killed when a substitute school bus driver ran over him while crossing in front of the bus. Joey was the last of five children to exit the bus at the stop. Police think the boy may have been skipping in front of the school bus with yarn around his legs before falling down in front of the bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 09/19/2000
WyomingALBIN CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL, ALBIN: Candace Yuill (11) and her brother, Brett Yuill (8), were killed when an oncoming snowplow veered into the path of their school bus on an icy country road. The impact peeled off the right side of the bus, flattened the first four rows of seats on the right side ejecting both victims from the bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/26/2000
ArchivesPLEASE NOTE that the 2safeschools archives do not cover all the school bus related deaths in those years. Hundreds of children have died over the past decade, students who were in the process of going to and from their bus stop, getting on or off their bus or while riding their school bus - over 400 children the past twenty years have been run over by their own school bus. Information and memory links are collected and added to the archives as found by 2safeschools members or provided by helpful visitors. In Loving Memory Submission Page n/a
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