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Year 2003
Arkansas SILOAM SPRINGS SCHOOL DISTRICT, SILOAM SPRINGS/CONWAY: Jessica Price (14) died when the driver of the school bus became distracted when two students (7 & 9) who were assigned to sit in the front seats because of behavior problems started a spat that distracted the driver. Investigators said the distraction caused the substitute driver (73) to look away from the road long enough to miss a curve, sending the bus down a 48-degree slope before sliding on its side and hitting several trees just east of a bridge over the Illinois River. Twenty-one of 43 students on board were injured. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/19/2003
California BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL, SAN FRANCISCO: A 15-year-old DeShawn Dawson died two days after being shot in the face by a fellow bus passenger on a Muni transit bus. Witnesses said the bullet was meant for another passenger. A 16-year-old student, who had been riding on the bus at the time of the scuffle, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with two counts of attempted murder as well as possession of a gun. Deputy Chief Rick Bruce said the district must take more responsibility for the growing violence among its students. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 11/08/2003
GeorgiaLOVEJOY HIGH SCHOOL, CLAYTON COUNTY: Tenth-graders Darren Michael Brooks (16) the driver of a car, and Justin Phillips (15) were killed in the crash with a school bus when Darren driving toward the school ran off the right side of Road onto a sandy shoulder, apparently overcorrected as he turned back, then collided head-on with a Clayton County school bus. Two other students in the car were injured. None of the teens were wearing their seatbelt. Darren apparently was exceeding the 45 mph speed limit. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 03/24/2003
IndianaMONROE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISRICT, BLOOMINGTON: Eric Bennett (35) was riding his bicycle on 11th Street near Fairview Street about 2:40 p.m. when he was struck by a MCSD school bus that was making a right turn, State police said. The rear wheels of the bus also struck him. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/07/2003
IndianaINDIANAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS, INDIANAPOLIS: Matthew Meece (22) had parked a flatbed truck at the side of a street where he was working on a house foundation. When he got out of the truck, he was hit by the right front corner of a school bus. The impact threw Meece about 40 feet. He was taken to Methodist Hospital, where he was declared dead. The bus, operated by First Student, was carrying students home from Tech High School. Eight students and the driver on the bus were not injured. First Student said the he bus driver involved "has been driving for us for several years." NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/22/2003
IlliniosVANDALIA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, VANDALIA: Shawna Ward (14) died of injuries in a school bus crash when the bus skidded off a two-lane country road and plunged halfway down a 40-foot ravine. She was among 16 people hurt - her legs and pelvis were crushed in the accident. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 08/27/2003
KansasGARDEN CITY: Victor E. Landeros-Jimenez (17) died when he lost control of the speeding car he was driving and crashed into an oncoming school bus, authorities said. Three passengers in the teen's car and the driver of the bus were injured. No children were on the school bus at the time. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/21/2003
Kansas UNIFIED SCHOOL DIST. 482, SHIELDS: Joseph Speer (6), a kindergarten student at Dighton Grade School, was killed and four students were injured after a USD 482 Blue Bird school bus, driven by a USD 482 technology teacher (38), pulled out in front a tractor trailer hauling sand. The impact of the truck ripped the bus from its frame, the bus landing on its roof in the ditch alongside the highway. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/15/2003
Kentucky FAYETTE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, LEXINGTON: A kindergarten student (5) (not named), who attended Yates Elementary School, was struck and killed by a Fayette County school bus after she exited the bus on a quiet street in the Andover area. She was found in the roadway and pronounced dead at the scene from an extensive head injury. The bus driver worked full-time since January 2002 and had "an unblemished" record. Yesterday was her first day on a new route, school officials said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 3/17/2003
Kentucky GREENSBURG: While waiting for the school bus to arrive and alone at home with another child, a 12-year-old Green County boy took a shotgun out of the closet and accidentally shot his 10-year-old brother once in the chest, killing him. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 11/11/2003
Louisiana BONNABEL HIGH SCHOOL, KENNER: Yasmine Saleh (17), a Bonnabel High 10th-grader, inexplicably collapsed after stepping off her school bus in Metairie and died. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/01/2003
Maine WINDSOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WINDSOR: Russell Lambourne (65) died at the wheel of his school bus in front of about 30 students he was driving to school. He managed to pull the bus to the shoulder of the road before he died. Two older children used the bus radio to call for help. He was a bus driver in Windsor for more than 20 years. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/22/2003
Minnesota FOSSTON HIGH SCHOOL, FOSSTON: David Wille (18) was heading home from school when his car rear-ended a school bus carrying 33 students. The State Patrol said Wille died later at a Fargo, N.D., hospital. No one on the bus was injured. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/29/2003
Minnesota THE CITY, INC SCHOOL, MINNEAPOLIS: Xia Vang (16), whose family said it was helping him break away from gang violence, was standing with his cousin at his bus stop about 8 a.m. when words were exchanged with several people in a van. The van drove off but returned within minutes, and shots were fired from the van killing Vang. His cousin was unhurt. A bus driver from the Minneapolis School District saw the shooting and followed the van at a safe distance to try to get a license plate number. No students were on the bus. A suspect was arrested. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/15/2003
Minnesota ROSEVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT, MAPLEWOOD: Sarah Busch (5) a kindergartner who had just gotten off her school bus and was crossing the road when she was run over by her school bus. The bus driver, a regular driver who has been working for Centerline Charters Corp. for several years, was distracted by a misbehaving child, investigators said. The accident happened less than a mile from the school. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 11/06/2003
MissouriFRANCIS HOWELL SCHOOL DIST., ST. CHARLES COUNTY: Annabelle Miller (7), a first grader at Daniel Boone Elementary School, began to cross when the school bus was still rolling to a stop near Annabelle's driveway with its yellow lights flashing. Its stop sign had not yet swung out and the driver of the bus was motioning the girl to stay off of the roadway. When she walked onto the highway, she was hit by a flatbed truck, was thrown underneath the vehicle and killed instantly. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/05/2003
Missouri WILLARD SCHOOLS, WILLARD: Dalton Hickson (9) died when he was hit by a northbound 1981 Chevrolet Citation as he started to cross the two-lane road at the end of the driveway to his house. Investigators said the 16-year-old girl driving the car failed to heed the stopped bus's stop arm and flashing warning lights. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/03/2003
New Jersey SOUTH PLAINFIELD: Abigail Kuberiet (1) was struck and killed by her brother's school bus as the driver pulled away from the home. The mother had just put her 5-year-old son on the bus. Neither the driver nor the aide saw the child as the bus proceeded. The bus was simultaneously dropping off morning kindergarten pupils while picking up kindergarteners who attend afternoon session at Franklin School. The bus driver has driven school bus for the South Plainfield school system for six years. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 11/05/2003
New York TALMUD TORAH OF KASHO, BROOKLYN: Gabriel Illowitz (2) a nursery school student was crushed by his Brooklyn school bus moments after hopping off and giving his mother one last hug. The boy was struck and killed as the full size bus pulled from the street corner. By the time the distraught mom realized her son was not by her side, it was too late. The bus driver, unaware he had struck the child, kept going - dropping off more of the 35 students aboard the bus. Gabriel's mother had called ahead to her children's school to ask that the bus drop them off at the corner rather than in front of their home. The school is less than five blocks from where the accident took place. This was at least the third Hasidic child to be hit and killed by a private school bus in Brooklyn in the last three years. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 11/23/2003
New YorkYESHIVA TOZIN YOSEF SCHOOL, MONSEY: Chaim Horovitz (3) was getting off his school bus in front of his family's Monsey home at about 3:30 p.m. when his mitton got stuck in the bus door. The driver apparently closed the door on Chaim after letting the boy's older brother out and watching the 5-year-old walk safely to the family's driveway. As the bus driver drove away, he did not see that the younger boy had not joined his brother - and was stuck. As he was dragged 100 feet down a street by the bus, hit his head hard on the ground, causing his fatal injury, Police said. Chaim got trapped because his mitten was attached to its mate by a cord that passed through his coat sleeves. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/14/2003
North Carolina DURHAM: Stephen Cates, (73) crashed into a partially crossed school bus that was waiting in the highway's median for traffic to pass before the bus continued on. The back of the bus was blocking the fast traffic lane Cates was traveling in when the crash occurred. Cates' car became wedged under the bus, and according to reports, he died instantly from head trauma. The bus driver was convicted of misdemeanor death by vehicle and believed no longer driving school bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 08/27/2003
North Carolina ROBESON COUNTY: Priscilla Norton (15), A freshman at Lumberton Senior High School, was killed while getting off a school bus along Highway 41. Investigators said a Ford Explorer hit the back of the school bus as it was unloading students. The Explorer then went along the shoulder of the road, hitting two students before flipping over in a field, killing Norton and injuring the other student. The driver (66) of the Explorer was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. She told the Highway Patrol troopers that her brakes failed. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/16/2003
OhioHYRE MIDDLE SCHOOL, ELLET: Renee Palm (11) missed the connecting Metro bus to her school. She took another bus back to her sisters, departed that bus and was attempting to cross street when she walked around the front of the bus and into the path of the pickup truck about 7 a.m. She was taken to Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron with head injuries and later died there. Metro buses, unlike school buses, do not have stop signs that require passing motorists to stop. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 06/04/2003
Oklahoma KINGSTON: Haley Cryer (9) died when the car driven by her sister rear-ended a school bus. The Kingston school bus had stopped for oncoming traffic before making a left turn. The bus driver was not injured. No one in that wreck wore a belt, troopers said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/02/2003
Oklahoma PORTER HIGH SCHOOL, PORTER: A High School student (not named) was stabbed to death on an eastern Oklahoma school bus during the morning route. The 15-year-old suspect ran from the scene after the school bus stopped. Note: Fights are among the most dangerous events that can occur on the school bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/08/2003
PennsylvaniaGLEN ROCK: Michelle Moser (33), and her daughter, Amber McAdle (11), whom she had just picked up died when a dump truck carrying a load of dirt down a steep hill lost control and slammed into parents and children at a school bus stop where chidren were departing their school bus. Five other people were injured, including a 9-year-old boy the truck ran over on the road, resulting in critical injuries to that child. The truck also slammed into a car stopped at a stop sign, pushing the car into the intersection and leading to collisions involving three other cars, police said. The truck driver said the brakes had failed. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/11/2003
South Carolina CARLISLE-FOSTER GROVE ELEMENTARY, SPARTANBURG: Kelsey Michelle Jean Gossett (9) was struck and killed as she began to cross the road to board her school bus preparing to stop. As the school bus prepared to stop a car attempted to pass the bus striking the child who died later at the hospital. According to reports the driver of the car was not charged because he began his pass before the bus turned on its stop lights. The driver did receive tickets for having a suspended license, not having insurance and not having his two children properly restrained inside the car. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/05/2003
TexasSPRING BRANCH: Loretta Campos Campbell (51), A San Antonio school teacher was walking across the street to her mailbox. A CISD school bus stopped to drop off a student, and then, as it always does, according to repots, began backing up to turn around and continue on its route. For unknown reasons Campbell walked behind the bus, was struck, knocked down and then run over by the bus. She died at the scene. The bus driver, who has driven the same bus route for seven and a half years, didn't see Campbell walk behind the bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/02/2003
Texas SAN ELIZARIO: Jose Ignacio Amparan (6) was reportedly motioned by an adult that the school bus was approaching. The child and another little girl raced each other across the street. The little girl made it across, but the boy was struck and killed by a truck. The bus was several blocks away and not close enough to the bus stop to turn on his warning signals. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 09/22/2003
Texas William Rivera (7) died after he ran out of his apartment to catch a school van before it left him behind. The van got to the street before he did. As the van turned right, the boy reached out to bang on its side so the driver would stop, tripped and fell beneath its wheels crushing him. The 20-year-old driver of the 1995 Ford Superclub van was not charged because police said "You can't yield to something you can't see." NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/27/2003
Vermont BARRE: A week before Christmas Brandon Bernier (5), was run over by his school bus after the boy got off the bus, slipped on ice under a wheel and was accidentally run over. Prosecutors said Brown ignored basic safety rules - probation included the condition that he can never again operate a school bus. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/2003
VirginiaCHESTERFIELD COUNTY: Caitlin Piechowiak,(13) a ninth-grader at Manchester High School, was killed when she was ejected from a YMCA van that blew a tire, then ran off state Route 288 and rolled over, shattering the windshield and crushing the roof before landing upright in a median. She was not wearing a seat belt. Virginia State Police charged the van's driver (26) with failure to secure a child in a seat belt. The 15-passenger van was one of two YMCA vans traveling the road. The other van was not involved in the wreck. The teenagers were training to become counselors. Delivering meals was one of their community-service projects, YMCA officials said. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 07/29/2003
Washington CLOVER PARK SCHOOL DISTRICT, LAKEWOOD: A Mann Middle School seventh-grader Marcus Morgan (13) was killed when struck by an empty school bus as he walked in a crosswalk while wearing stereo headphones. Prosecutors alleged the bus driver (38), hired in 2000, was driving under the influence of a high level of morphine at the time of the accident. She also had several traffic-related convictions, including a DUI and driving with a suspended liscense in 1991, and third-degree driving with a suspended license in in 1998. After learning what the prosecutor said, the district checked the State Patrol on-line records. Once again it came back clean. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/15/2003
Washington PROSSER HIGH SCHOOL, RITZVILLE: One of two school vans, rented by CBC to take Upward Bound program students to tour Eastern Washington University in Cheney, rolled on an icy road, killing two high school sophomores, Corinne J. Baradessono (15), and Belen Campos (14), and injuring seven people in the crash. Initially, authorities reported the girls weren't wearing seat belts. Since 1990, there have been more than 440 deaths nationwide involving 15-passenger, high vans. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/15/2003
WisconsinGREEN BAY: School bus driver Geraldine LaMal (72), while apparently experiencing a stroke, lost control of her school bus. The bus, with five students from Baird Elementary School on board, jumped the curb, struck a parked pickup, drove back over the curb and then down an embankment into the building. Three of the students on the bus suffered minor bumps and bruises, and two were uninjured, police said. NOTE: Geraldine died Feb 04 as a result of complications from the stroke. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 01/17/2003
WisconsinMILWAUKEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, MILWAUKEE: Terrie Williams (9), a fourth-grader at Lake Bluff Elementary School in Shorewood, was struck and killed moments after she and her brother had disembarked from their school bus. According to a medical examiner's report, the Bee Bus Lines bus driver told the children not to cross the street until after he turned right from N. Richards to E. Ring St. While he was turning, the driver watched Terrie's 8-year-old brother Kenneth cross the street and then "felt a bump." A witness to the accident said Terrie was struck by the bus as she tried to cross E. Ring St. She said the bus driver was not going that fast and apparently did not see the girl. Terrie died at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa about an hour after she was hit. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/11/2003
Wisconsin WAUKESHA WEST HIGH SCHOOL, WAUKESHA: Junior high school student Ashley Steffan (17) was at the end of her driveway waiting for her school bus when a car, speeding at 56 MPH in a 25 MPH residential area, skidded sideways near a curve in the road. Court testimony reported the car skidded 100 feet off the road and struck Steffan. The car then skidded 100 feet across the lawn before striking a 20-foot-tall pine tree at 30 mph, uprooting it. The 18-year-old driver of the car, also a Waukesha West High School student, was charged with second-degree reckless homicide. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 02/19/2003
Wisconsin WISCONSIN RAPIDS PUBLIC SCHOOLS, WISCONSIN RAPIDS: Cade Tometczak (15) a high school baseball player, was waiting with his teammates, including his twin brother, Drew, when they saw the school bus pull up in the East Junior High School parking lot to take them to the baseball field for practice. Tometczak turned to one of his friends and said "let's race to the bus," according to a police report. Tometczak tripped over someone's foot, fell into the road, was run over by the bus and died in front of his teammates. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 04/23/2003
WisconsinWAUKESHA: Margaret A. Neumann (73) was crossing the street in the crosswalk on E. Wisconsin Ave. when a school bus turning right onto E. Wisconsin struck Neumann killing her. The bus driver failed to yield the right of way and disregarded a traffic signal, according to the accident report released by police. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 05/28/2003
Wisconsin HOPKINS STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, MILWAUKEE: Kindergartner Jovonza Chamberlain (5) was killed when the 15 passenger van he was riding in (apparently unbelted) proceeded through a yeild sign and was struck by a 16 passenger school bus. The child was ejected from the van, which rolled on top of him. The driver of the van, the child's godmother (36), was treated for minor injuries and released. She did not have a valid Wisconsin driver's license and was later arrested on three outstanding warrants, one for alleged violation of probation and two for alleged retail theft. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 12/04/2003
CanadaVANCOUVER, BC: After departing his school bus Alec Thom (14) began running while chased by two teen bullies that threw firecrackers at him. Alec made it home but died of a heart attack from what the coroner said was an undiagnosed heart defect. NO MEMORY PAGES FOUND 10/2003
ArchivesPLEASE NOTE that the 2safeschools archives do not cover all the school bus related deaths in those years. Hundreds of children have died over the past decade, students who were in the process of going to and from their bus stop, getting on or off their bus or while riding their school bus - over 400 children the past twenty years have been run over by their own school bus. Information and memory links are collected and added to the archives as found by 2safeschools members or provided by helpful visitors. In Loving Memory Submission Page n/a
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