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Submit loss of child in a school or activity bus related event to: "IN LOVING MEMORY." Please indicate child's Name, Age or Grade, School, City, State, Transportation Provider and Date at time of loss. Also, please include a Newspaper or Television Station that carried the story, and the address (http://) of your WEB page. If you don't have a WEB page and would like to make one Geocities will help with providing free WEB page space. Geocities also has a free on line PageBuilder -- if you're not experienced at making a WEB page their page builder will convert your normal typing into HTML code. If you are not on the Internet we will help find someone to host a free page at their WEB site. Click Here for an actual example of what might be presented on a loving memory page. Year 2007
California (SCHOOL NOT KNOWN), MECCA area: Guadencio Manuel Arismendi-Torres (17) driving an all-terrain vehicle was killed when he failed to yield at a stop sign and was broadsided by a school bus at the intersection he violated just before 2 p.m that day. He was pronounced dead a few hours later at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Indio. No one on the school bus was injured. 05/07/2007
Colorado GREELEY TRAIN/BUS CRASH: Duane Harms (69) died in Southern California after losing a battle to a brain tumor. He was 23 years old when he began driving a school bus in the Auburn farming area southeast of Greeley, Colorado. He never shook the burden of having been at the wheel of a school bus in the worst traffic accident in Colorado history - a train/school bus collision on Dec. 14, 1961 that killed 20 children and injured 16 others, several seriously. Harms had completed his safety checks at the crossing and was about to proceed when he was delayed by a student distracting him. When he then proceeded to cross the tracks a train struck the bus. Webpage of Train/School Bus Crashes. 11/18/2007
Delaware CHRITINA SCHOOL DISTRICT: Elizabeth Ware (31) of Newark, a school bus driver and mother of three was stabbed to death on her morning route to pick up students who attend Shue-Medill Middle School. She was found dead shortly after 7 a.m. in the driver's seat of the bus on eastbound Rt. 273. No children were on the bus at the time of the slaying. Her ex-boyfriend was charged with murder in the first degree, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, possession of a weapon on a person prohibited, and breach of release. Before the murder he had been charged with two counts of harassment, for which he was awaiting trial, and he had also threatened to kill Ware. 05/02/2007
Florida LAKE BUTLER ELEMENTARY, RAIFORD: Brittany Carney (5) a kindergartner died after she was run over by the Union County school bus she had just stepped off at 3:15 p.m., and when she walked in front of it, the bus started to move forward and hit her. The bus driver thought the girl had cleared the bus. 02/27/2007
Florida LAKEWOOD PARK ELEMENTARY, FORT PIERCE: Kristopher Huffman (5) a kindergartner died this morning after an SUV hit him at 7:35 a.m. while he darted across the street to meet the school bus. The boy had been standing with a group of children and parents, became excited when he saw the bus, dashed across two lanes of traffic, as other waiting kids and parents yelled for him to stop. The woman of the SUV was driving east into the glare of the early morning sunlight. After a bus activates its stoplights, students are trained to wait for a driver's hand signal before crossing a road to board the bus, the transportation director said. 09/25/2007
Florida KISSIMMEE MIDDLE SCHOOL, KISSIMMEE: Austin Smith (11) died after getting off his school bus at around 4:00 p.m.and when he walked behind the bus and into the path of an oncoming car and was struck. The boy was rushed by ambulance with his parents to Celebration Hospital where he died. His parents were with him when he was pronounced dead. 10/01/2007
Georgia BLUFFTON UNIVERSITY, OHIO: A charter bus carrying the Bluffton (Ohio) University baseball team plunged 30 feet off an Atlanta overpass. Five players, Tyler Williams (Lima, Ohio); David Betts (Bryan, Ohio); Scott Harmon (Lima, Ohio) and Cody Holp (Arcanum, Ohio); Zachary Arend (Oakwood, Ohio); the bus driver, Jerome Niemeyer, and his wife, Jean Niemeyer, both of Columbus Grove, Ohio died from their injuries. In Loving Memory Website 03/02/2007
Illinois JULIAN HIGH SCHOOL, CHICAGO: Blair Holt (16) died protecting his friend from a gunman that stormed their CTA bus. When the 16-year-old gunman began to fire, Blair got in front of her, pulled her down and jumped atop her to protect her. She was shot in the foot during the gunfire. Blair, an honor student, was shot and killed. The gunman, recently expelled from School, was caught on surveillance camera during that afternoon's route. Chicago Police arrested two 16-year-olds, each have been charged with one count of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. Reports say the shooting was apparently gang related and the shooter was aiming at someone else when he killed Blair. Four other passengers were hurt. 05/10/2007
Illinois VALLEY VIEW COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DIST 365U: A Bolingbrook elderly woman pedestrian was struck by a school bus at about 8 a.m. while walking across an intersection. The school bus was making a right turn at the intersection. One BJ Ward Elementary School first grade student was on board the school bus at the time of the crash. 07/31/2007
Indiana FREMONT MIDDLE SCHOOL, FREMONT: Patricia Tink (12) was killed when she was struck by her morning school bus near her home. Reports say the girl was waiting with her younger sister to board the bus, but the younger girl told the driver that her sister was not coming. The driver then closed the door and began to move the bus. Tink reportedly hit the side of the bus and then fell underneath it. She sustained abdominal and pelvic injuries after both driver's-side tires of the bus ran over her. Family members were at Patricia’s side when she died, her mother said. The bus driver was new at the district and was substituting for another driver. 04/03/2007
Louisiana EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH SCHOOLS: Marco Miranda (5) was trying to cross the street to where his 15-year-old sister Maria Miranda was waiting when he was struck by his school bus. As Marco was crossing, the bus suddenly moved forward. Although Marco tried to get out of the way and his sister was screaming for the bus to stop, the bus ran over Marco and stopped about 7 feet past him, a resulting lawsuit said. The lawsuit alleged the school system was liable because the bus did not have a “crossing arm” that helps prevent children from crossing directly in front of a bus. Also alleged was that the school system had failed to provide enough training on how to drop off small children and failed to properly supervise the bus driver to ensure she understood the safety precautions needed. 01/18/2007
Massachusetts BROCKTON: Lisa Herlihy (46) died at the scene after being struck by a school bus just outside her apartment at around 3:45 p.m.. The bus was full of children at the time. A walker used by Herlihy, who had osteoporosis, was tangled underneath the front of the school bus and had to be pulled out by a tow truck. Friends said Herlihy was likely headed to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts for her afternoon iced coffee. 05/22/2007
Minnesota HIGHLAND PARK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, ST. PAUL: Amanda Berglund (14) died when the van she was riding in, owned by Twin City Transportation, an Eagan-based student-transportation company, crashed into the rear of a stopped school bus. 30-year-old van driver also died. The school bus had stopped to drop off a boy just before the crash that occurred at about 2:55 p.m.. None of the nine Forest Lake Area High School students and two Century Junior High students riding the bus were hurt. 05/17/2007
Minnesota URBAN ACADEMY, ST. PAUL: A 6-year-old boy was struck and killed by a school bus in downtown St. Paul. He was among a group of students who were waiting to get onto their buses when he somehow became crushed by the rear wheels of the bus at around 2:20 p.m.. Police said the boy was not pushed, and that his death appeared to be an accident. The boy's name was not available for this report. 12/07/2007
New Jersey CROCKETT MIDDLE SCHOOL, TRENTON: Bryelle Dean (13) was struck and killed by a school bus at about 1 p.m.. She had just stepped off the bus and was "horsing around" with her friend. The friend then pushed the eight grader who fell under bus and was crushed when the rear wheel of the bus ran her over. The teen was taken to Hulene Fuld Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. The news devastated family and friends. 11/21/2007
New York (SCHOOL NOT KNOWN), BROOKLYN: Luis Ramos (17) male bicyclist slammed into a car door that had just been opened by the vehicle's driver, the bicyclist then lost control of his bike and went into the path of a school bus. The bike rider was taken to Woodhull Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Reports indicate no summons were issued to the driver of the bus. 06/22/2007
New York LAKE SHORE CENTRAL SCHOOLS, BUFFALO: School bus driver Brenda Chiappetta (58) of Evans was struck by a bus and killed while walking to her own bus before the morning routes. The accident occurred at 6:12 a.m., as a bus mechanic with the district was driving a school bus from the upper parking lot to the lower lot on North Main Street. Town of Evans police believe weather was a factor, as the accident occurred in the dark, with a light rain-snow mix being buffeted by heavy winds. 12/03/2007
North Carolina FAIRGROVE MIDDLE SCHOOL, FAIRMONT: Two boys, a sixth-grader (11) and an eighth-grader (13) had a running feud and got into a fight after school that later erupted into more violence after the boys departed their school bus in Rowland and which also eventually involved the boys parents and an uncle later that day. Hedrick Dial (38), the 11-year-old's uncle, died when he was shot by the father of the 13-year-old. That parent was charged with first-degree murder. The parent was also charged with and assault with a deadly weapon for shooting the father of the 11-year-old student. The bus driver said the boys were not fighting on the bus. 01/23/2007
North Carolina LIGON MIDDLE SCHOOL, RALEIGH: Anusha Vasurdeva (12) died one day after an accident at a school bus stop in Morrisville on the morning of April 9th. Investigators say Vasurdeva’s father was dropping her off at the entrance to their subdivision just across from the bus stop. They believe she darted into the path of an oncoming minivan after seeing her school bus was approaching. 04/10/2007
Ohio MAYBURY ELEMENTARY, COLUMBUS: First-grader Asa Mayle (6) was hit by a school bus while crossing the road. He had just gotten out of his grandmother's car to catch another school bus that was to take him from Scottwood Elementary to his school. Columbus schools agreed to pay $500,000 from the school district in settlement, as well as $175,000 from the district's insurer. The bus driver wasn't charged, she said that she did not see Asa in front of the bus. Vehicles are now prohibited from stopping on Scottwood Road to release or pick up children. The Scottwood school principal said crossing guards now are at all major street crossings. 01/??/2007
Ohio JJEFFERSON TWP HIGH SCHOOL, JEFFERSON TWP: Julian Hill (17) was killed instantly when he was struck by a car about 3:15 p.m. after he got off his school bus. Hill recently had moved to the township from the Cleveland suburb of Bedford. According to Reports, the driver of the vehicle was traveling at least 75 mph in a 45-mph zone and failed to acknowledge the stop sign extended off the side of the yellow bus. The 36-year-old driver was held pending the filing of a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. 09/07/2007
Ohio HOLLAND: Isha Alrashed (1 Month old baby girl) was killed when a school bus collided with a minivan killing the newborn who was riding in the lap of a passenger in the van. Another passenger, age unknown, had been holding the baby in the front seat. Another child in the van, a 2-year-old, also was not in a car seat. 10/04/2007
Pennsyvania (SCHOOL NOT KNOWN), DOVER: Cheree Fahringer (12) of Dover Township collapsed on the bus from a heart condition and was pronounced dead at a hospital, despite CPR efforts by a school nurse. Family members say she suffered from a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which also killed her mother Susan three years ago. 09/04/2007
Pennsyvania FAYETTE COUNTY: Kaleb Reagan (16) of South Connellsville, was struck by a school bus around 7:05 a.m. on Dec. 13. She died of blunt force trauma injuries about week later. The death was ruled accidental, according to the Allegheny County medical examiner's office. No charges were expected to be filed. 12/21/2007
Tennessee ROBERTSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL, OAKRIDGE: Ashley Paine (12) passed away two days after she was run over by a school bus. Reports say Paine was riding her bike home from school when she somehow fell off and landed in the path of a school bus. She was hit by the rear tires and suffered critical head injuries. Ashley's organs were donated and one of the recipients, Jordon Hensley, of Kingston, has her heart. The two girls never met. Four other people also received organs that came from Ashley. The accident prompted an outcry over the Oak Ridge school system's transportation policy, which doesn't allow school buses to transport students who live within a mile of schools. An abrupt change in school transportation policy was made "in order to address the immediate safety concerns" at that intersection, Superintendent Tom Bailey stated in a news release. 12/09/2007
Texas CONROE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DIST, CONROE: Michael Cahoon (22) was killed when he jumped under a moving school bus. He jumped underneath the bus shortly before 6 p.m. after the front wheels passed by, investigators said. The rear wheels ran over him. Cahoon was transported to St. Luke's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Eight students were onboard the bus. The bus driver was not charged or ticketed. 03/06/2007
Virginia Great Bridge High School, CHESAPEAKE: Robyn Remy (46) mother of two children and a substitute bus driver died of a medical condition while on her bus in the parking lot after she had returned from a route. Remy had been a bus driver for Chesapeake Public Schools for 2 1/2 years and covered numerous routes for different schools. 12/03/2007
West Virginia WEST HAMLIN ELEMENTARY, WEST HAMLIN: Haven McCarthy (6) was killed by a car after getting off her school bus while crossing a 55 mph road during an afternoon route. The bus driver immediately began CPR on the child, who later died at Cabell Huntington Hospital. The 68-year-old driver of the car said she saw the lights but didn't realize what they were so she didn't stop until after the accident. She was charged with negligent homicide and failure to stop for a school bus. The mother of a 6-year-old filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Lincoln County Board of Education and the West Virginia Board of Education, and also the driver of the car and her husband. The family hopes the lawsuit will prompt some changes in policies to better protect kids that are getting on and off the school bus. Other counties have policies in place in which bus drivers only let kids off on the side of the road that they live. 12/10/2007
Canada MOUNTAIN VIEW ACADEMY, CALGARY: An eight-year-old Calgary girl died and another child suffered life-threatening injuries after their school bus, a one-ton cargo-van-type vehicle, side-swiped a dump truck parked on a Calgary expressway in the morning rush hour. The bus then collided head-on with a light standard. The bus was carrying eleven students between the ages of eight and 17 from Mountain View Academy and Third Academy School, which caters to students with special needs. Reports mentioned that the driver of the truck, which was parked well off the road on the shoulder, had pulled over due to mechanical problems. The truck driver was not in the vehicle at the time of the crash. The girl's name was not available for this report. 10/18/2007
Canada ST. ALFRED CATHOLIC SCHOOL, MISSISAUGA, ONT: John Pham (10) died after the school bus he was on collided with a tractor-trailer. He was among 27 Grade 4 students and four adults aboard a bus on a field trip. The crash revived debate on whether school buses should be outfitted with seatbelts. 04/25/2007
ArchivesPLEASE NOTE that the 2safeschools archives do not cover all the school bus related deaths in those years. 1450 people were killed in school bus related accidents since 1990. Of these fatal accident victims, 67 percent were the occupants of other vehicles involved in the school bus accident, 25 percent were pedestrians or bicyclists, and nine percent were passengers in school bus-type vehicles. 40 school bus drivers have died in bus crashes since 1993. Hundreds of children have died over the past decade, students who were in the process of going to and from their bus stop, getting on or off their bus or while riding their school bus. Over 400 children the past twenty years have been run over by their own school bus. Information and memory links are collected and added to the archives as found by 2safeschools members or provided by helpful visitors. In Loving Memory Submission Page n/a
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