World Trade Center


These pages are dedicated to the war against terrorism and to aid in the swift end to that pursuit, no matter how barbaric we must become.
A sleeping giant has been awakened and anger is in it's eyes.

These terrorists must be eradicated from the face of this earth. It will be a long struggle, trying our patience, resolve and strength, but it must be done else we succumb to the terror, with more and more strikes of this magnitude becoming inevitable.

These pages hopefully will help to bring that struggle to a swift end while at the same time informing you of the daunting task that lay before us. To that end, this goes to America and her allies' resolve, strength and patience.
May God Bless Us All.

An evil grin of death
from the World Trade Center
The Devil Himself
Osama Bin Ladin Prime-Suspect
A fiery minion looks in the direction of WTC carnage

In February 1998, Bin Ladin stated:
"If someone can kill an American soldier, it is better than wasting time on other matters."

  • People should realize that this is a war! The government should declare it a war. Otherwise we have the trouble of matching proof to a known terrorist or setting him free to do something heinous because the U.S. legal system hasn't matched him to any wrong doings. In a war-time situation he would automatically be a P.O.W., Military tribunals should be brought into place immediately. Racial profiling is a must in the time of war, we would be fools not to accept racial profiling, what should we do? Wait until 20 more Arabic looking men hijack 4 more planes and kill more loved ones before we finally say, ok you were right? Where the hell do these lawyers get off on expecting to allow our constitution to be the safeguard for terrorists, future terrorists and their cohorts?

  • The rubble of the WTC has just stopped burning (9/11 - 12/19) and people are already wanting a "quick fix" remedy to the terrorism problem. We are still being attacked and still being threatened, either you are in it with the U.S.A. all the way or you are not. Simple as that.

  • Mosques here in the U.S. should be checked into for terrorists and possible terrorist meeting places. Al-Jazeera television should be banned from U.S. soil, they've already proven themselves to be in direct contact with Osama bin Laden and his associates and only report what the Taliban say as truth. Al-Jazeera has only shown sympathy towards the Taliban from the outset. Doesn't it seem odd that a tv station charges other stations $100,000's of dollars for fair and balanced news? Media outlets should not be propaganda machines nor propagandized themselves. Al-Jazeera is just that, a propaganda machine. Something is also odd that Al-Jazeera tv is so able to get a letter and a video daily from the very terrorist we are hunting. They are too close to him, and they are spouting his propaganda as well. They should be ousted as a media source from within the U.S.

  • The flow from Pakistan of fighters that joined the Taliban only shows a different sort of problem that joining with Pakistan has caused to begin with.

    • (A) What exactly are we getting in terms of help with Pakistan? I'd like to know, we're giving them 1 billion dollars for God only knows what.
    • (B) Pakistan set the Taliban government up in Afghanistan.
    • (C) How many Afghan Mujahadeen are within Pakistan's borders?
    • (D) How many more "demonstrations" are they going to allow before more people are swayed by Al-Jazeera to join the Taliban and/or possibly pose a threat to the government of Pakistan itself?
    • (E) How many of those "demonstrators" are al-queda or Taliban? If a ban against demonstrations is ignored, what's to keep them from toppling Pakistan's government, taking control of their 24 nuclear weapons, and placing Osama bin Laden or one of his lackeys as the President able to use those warheads against the West?
  • Any Afghani's crossing Pakistan's border should be stripped of their weapons upon entry and background checked for possible terrorist connections. All demonstrators burning effigies should be arrested. All demonstrator administrators should be arrested for trying to incite a riot. All arrested should be background checked for possible terrorist ties.

  • The American media seems to me to be a tad bit lame brained. Vietnam was the first televised war, it is also the first war we lost. The American media seems to want to cover the military operation from afar while broadcasting information that can jeopardize missions and our men and women's lives. The other problem with American media is that they seem to think that broadcasting "potential" areas that terrorists could hit is good coverage when in fact they are only giving many ideas to the very threat we already face. I believe in the right to know. I do not believe in the right to sensationalize. It's ok to know what is going on, but it's safer for those involved with this issue not to have EVERYTHING known. In short, if it places America and her allies at risk, we do NOT want you to tell it, we don't want to know. What we DO want to see broadcast is the terrorist leaders with a bullet hole in their head explaining that this is exactly what their followers will receive from us.

  • Saudia Arabia "claim" to be our friend and ally. If this is true, why is it that the majority of the hijackers came from there? Osama bin Laden comes from there. We are not allowed to use our high tech base there, only the technology from it, just not the base which is kinda screwy since we did save their asses last time we fought there. Finally, they claim to be our allies and friends yet their textbooks teach their schoolchildren to hate the West, especially America. Food for thought = We may want to keep a very close eye on them and the bin Laden family as a whole. Fire their asses up to get them to stop dragging their feet on the terror issue. Seems to me that Saudia Arabia is the spawning ground for terrorists and Afghanistan was the host.

World Trade Center: Hit 9/11/01 - Cleaned up 5/30/02

"He's out to kill as many Americans as he can anywhere he can get them."
Former CIA Counter-terrorism Chief
Vince Cannistraro, on Osama bin Laden