Froggy's Novelty Song Lyric Collection: A Note on Copyrights

These lyrics are transcriptions of vintage recordings from the early 20th century which are now in the public domain.
They are placed here for non-commercial informational, research aid, and amusement purposes.
Certain individual songs included here may still be under copyright for their music and published lyrics. This collection taken from public domain recordings is in no way meant to infringe on any existing copyrights. If any person wishes to use any lyrics to any of these songs for public performance, publication, or commercial purposes it is the responsibility of such person to research any an all current copyrights.

As is noted elsewhere, where vintage published sheet music has been compared, the words often differ significantly from those presented here.
For more information on where the lyrics in this collection come from, see the Introduction.

This collection, the transcriptions from public domain recordings and the added notes are © 1987,1997 by D.C.Meyer. Links to this site from other non-commercial sites on the World Wide Web are welcome; we ask only to be informed by email of such links. Copying or quoting this material (other than brief fair use excerpts) prohibited except with permission of the authors and copyright holders.

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