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Pro Se means "on one's own behalf." Representing oneself in court used to be a time-honored American tradition and is still a constitutional right of everyone. Of course, anyone who has had a "run in" with the law lately, or tried to file a pro se action in civil court only to be told by a supercilious clerk that "you need a lawyer to do that" knows that this constitutional right, as well as so many others, is rapidly being eroded to the point of non existence. If this enslavement of our legal system continues, a libertarian society becomes a total impossibility.

The Liberty Activists suggest that it is up to Liberty Activists throughout America, in our own communities, to take whatever steps necessary to bring this problem to public attention and begin to "free our legal system". As with many issues, the average American has absolutely no idea of the problem (unless he has been involved recently in a legal action), and, even then, he probably believes that this is the way the system has always worked...and is supposed to work.


"Almost 400 years ago, the great American democratic experiment began. Almost from the first day--and despite the contrary views of a succession of English monarchs--it assumed that an educated citizenry had no need of lawyers to write its laws or solve its disputes.

Historian Eldon Revere James found that between 1687 and 1788, not a single legal treatise intended for lawyers was published in America. During that period, all the legal treatises were for laymen.

The strong tradition that each American should be able to master the laws probably peaked in the years between Andrew Jackson's inauguration in 1825 and Abraham Lincoln's death in 1865. Most states enforced few if any restrictions on non-lawyers appearing in court on behalf of others--as Lincoln himself did before he talked a judge into granting him attorney status.

Given America's long tradition of discouraging lawyers, it's surprising that in the 20th century the legal profession so successfully sold Americans on its favorite public relations slogan, "A man who represents himself has a fool for a client." And it's even more surprising that without great opposition, the American Bar Association convinced states to pass "unauthorized practice of law" statutes in the 1920s and 1930s, which effectively gave lawyers a monopoly over the sale of legal information.

It is less surprising--at least to everyone who isn't an attorney--that in the last two decades many Americans--battered women, small businesspeople, landlords, inventors and disenfranchised fathers, to mention just a few--have begun to assert their historical and constitutional right to participate in the legal decisions that affect their lives." (From Nolo Press article "Every Man a Lawyer" read the whole article here)


1. Research your local community legal system:

2. Write a letter to the editor and/or a flyer detailing your findings

3. Locate other groups interested in legal system reform

4. Run for Clerk of Court (you probably won't win, but you may be successful in getting signs & reading rooms in the courthouse & contempt forms available to the public!)

5. Provide Self Help Info to the Public

6. Let Liberty Activists know the results of your outreach activities to publish in Activist Reports! SUBMIT REPORT HERE


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