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red bulletOther people's misc sites that I've liked (or that they've begged me to publicise)

green bulletYou Can & Snot - great mucus related giggles
green bulletThe Joy of Concrete
green bulletMissing Link - the reciprocal links database
green bulletFirefly - a great discussion forum (free to join)
green bulletCan your site hack it in theSite Fights Contest ?
green bulletThe Dark Side
- open minded people only please
green bulletA colleague of mine who's in Tring Hockey Club
green bulletGo banner crazy in Athens with William E. Petersee
green bulletWant to know more about html to make your page better? Then go to the Home Page Home Page

red bullet Comedy sites

Well everyone needs a laff now and again
green bulletnew itemPiercing Mildred
green bulletnew itemDiana Jokes - now don't go getting offended kids!
green bulletGeek Site of the Day - is this comedy or tradgedy - whatever it is feel thankful you're not featured
green bulletClassic Kids Telly from the 70s and 80s - relive those memories from your childhood
green bulletVIZ, the magazine that's not as funny as it used to be
green bulletVock's Jokes, some of these require an open mind
green bulletThe US/UK Translator Trans Atlantic translations of fag, pants and loads of other old favourites
green bulletAnimated Itchy & Scrathy hitting each otherHomer's Head Simpsons Sounds Archive
green bulletThe Nun Bun is a bun bearing a frightening resemblance to Mother Teresa. See and believe
green bulletMark Thomas's pages A superb comic, and a lovely bloke (slurp, slurp)
green bulletBill HicksIncludes a transcript of his Dominion Theatre show on the 'final' tour. Great comic and a sad loss
green bulletChris Lundies Monty Phython Sounds
Now rehoused from it's original site, quick go there before it gets shut down again. Also featuring some new Hollywood Bowl stuff.
green bulletThe Big Button that doesn't do anythingand it doesn't either

red bullet Thanx are due to

green bulletInfinite Fish for providing the background

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