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The Chineapple Punx are coming - lock up your sprouts
Welcome to the Political wing of Chineapple Palace.

There's been a big shakeup in the Chineapple World but here you can find guides to vegetable anarchism and Chunky (our man/pineapple vege-beefeater pictured right) has donned his crystal ball and put together his horoscopes for you all (updated 25/2/98).


Latest News

A guy in Aylesbury is starting up a 'Books for Prisoners' scheme. I haven't got all the details with me, but essentially - if you have any old books that you've got no use for anymore then wouldn't they be better off easing the time of a political prisoner somewhere.

If you want to help out, contact Miles and he'll supply you with some more details.

And if you havn't got any books to spare but still want to help ease a little boredom and suffering why not write to someone in prison ? I'm sure Miles would gladly supply some address for you.

The local police have offered to take on any local organisation at a sporting event !

Have you ever been beaten, cheated or generally arsed about by Thames Valley Police (that should narrow it down to a few million). If you have been on the receiving end of a good kicking, been interrogated for something they later agreed you didn't do, been given the runaround making a valid complaint or generally hassled and pissed about by tit head jobsworths CONTACT US!

We want to take on the cops at their own game by challenging them to a game of twister and see once and for all who can bend the law the best. If you live in the Thames Valley area, especially near Chesham and Amersham then e-mail your address and we'll try and make a team to challenge the law.

Only three essentials needed.

  1. A grudge
  2. A sense of humour
  3. a pig related sob story

It came to our attention that an ex-resident of a certain palace (certainly not Chineapple Palace) passed away in rather suspicious circumstances last year and some people made a lot of fuss over it. If you're not mourning the passing of a certain parasite, be sure to visit the Diana Joke Page and/or read some abuse I've received for it!

If you find any broken links, please let me know. Mail is at the bottom of each of my pages.

Thanx to those of you that've mailed me and said you've enjoyed/hated your visit. Please feel free to mail me (even if you detested the whole experience), I am genuinely interested in what you have to say. If you're interested in trading links - then give me a mail too. So long as your site isn't a neo-nazi site - or a tribute to Celine Dion (not sure which is worse) - I'd be glad to. For reciprocal links check out Missing Link - the reciprocal links database.

Guide to the Political Wing of Chineapple Palace (also some joke stuff)

green bulletChiltern Hunt Saboteurs

green bulletJourney to the Drummer's Mind - Professor Gerald Monkeytapper PhD unravels the mysteries of the drummers mind

green bulletWarriors of the Vegetable Plot - The Chineapple Punx guide to Direct Action with vegetables

green bulletVegan Power - Animal Friendly diet with the Chineapple Punx

green bulletChunky's Horoscopes - Forget Russel Grant - Chunky tells your future the Chineapple Way

green bulletGrowbag's Guide to the Internet

green bulletGrowbag's Hawaiian Heaven

green bulletThe Chineapple Rants - bigotry and stubborness all rolled into one

green bulletThe Spice Girls - Our concubines!

green bulletMisc Music Links

green bulletMisc Political Links

green bulletMisc Comedic Links and other shite

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