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green bulletWhy Online - Distro (on-line payment if ya want it), Zines and lots of other stuff too
green bulletThe Punk Mage
green bulletTour Connection
green bulletHCPUNK
green bulletPunk & Oi in the UK - fantastic. A site dedicated to the British scene - about bloody time too
green bulletThe Plymouth Punx Page - featuring the excellent Bus Station Loonies - firm favourites at Chineapple Palace 'la, la, la Boycott Threshers'
green bulletUK - need I say more. Those lovely people from Edinburgh who've given us the European City of Punk Rock are on-line. Oi, Oi, Oi.
green bulletKontrol - THE UK'S PREMIER STREETPUNK RAG!
green bulletThe Spice Girls Suck - Ahhhrrrggg, at last the truth is out - best viewed with IE (Netscape wont pull up the navigation buttons !).
green bulletPsycho Punx - discussion group for AOL users only (bit sectarian isn't it), joining instructions
green bulletThe Spice Girls - no really it is
green bulletSlap a Spice Girls - your chance to give those spice girls a bloody sound kicking !
green bulletThe Chineapple Punx/Ciderfex Page, (pine)apple fuelled punk rock mayhem
green bulletLive Shots of Current and Happily Deceased bands
green bulletLARD - get the new album
green bulletThe House of the Rising Punk
green bulletOi Polloi - What a band !
green bulletLegion of the Doomed zine
green bulletDischord Inferno records
green bulletAOS3
green bulletUK Punx
green bulletPunk, Ska and More
green bulletPunk Rock Festivals, including Edinburgh '96 and news on upcoming events.
green bulletWorldwide Punk Rock
green bulletSome More Punk Links
green bulletStill can't find anything of interest - then try searching on the Ultimate Band Listing Below
Ultimate Band Listing

Psycho Punx

Psycho Punx is a group for punks, skaters, and freaks who are on AOL. Members of Psycho Punx get šewsletters, free art, invited to group chats, and lists of members!!! It is free to join and you can get off the member list anytime. If you want to join or just want to write and make fun of me, e-mail me at

People joining, write "join Psycho Punx" for the subject and answer these questions:

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green bulletInfinite Fish for providing the background

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