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Punk is not just a music medium. It's a state of mind, closely linked with the free thinking movements. True, there are some right wing extremists who call themselves punx - but in truth these are scum and as far removed from the punx ideal as you can get. The message of the punx is get involved, don't just sit there while stuff you disagree with happens on your doorstep, nationally or internationally, get involved. So here's some sites that can help you do just that. Remember, if you don't shout for your beliefs, your opponents will, and people can only listen to the messages that they hear.

The 1999/2000 hunt season is underway again in Britain and with the demise of Mike foster's Bill your local Hunt Sabs need your support in every way you can give it (we cannot rely on Tory Blair as he has already shown) - we cannot function effectively without your help.  If you have a local hunt - don't sit on your butt, go out and stop them doing anything - there's bound to be some sab activity - so get involved. GET INVOLVED. A lot of people don't know the full horror of what the hunt does. All I can advise you to do is find out about cubhunting (or autumn hunting as they now call it) and dig-outs and see if you still feel apathetic about what they're doing.
Big support to the National Trust for finally banning stag hunting on their land - let's hope foxhunting follows soon

On other matters censorship is again rearing it's head on the Net with Fox trying to shut down all the sites dedicated to their programmes. Get the story below.

Countdown to
   Supreme Court The latest from the Court Battles in the USA over censorig the net

But perhaps even more worrying is that the BBC are trying to remove all the pictures of the Teletubbies from the Net. Aaaarrrrggghhhh


green bulletNot convinced that fascist scum are VERY present on the net. Check out this excellent compendium of Hate on the net
green bulletAn equally excellent antidote to the above Anti fascism on the Net
green bulletThe Campaign for Radical Truth in History This site has some pretty interesting stuff on Diana etc., but the guy is a revisionist. I always assumed that fascist scum would be in support o fthe monarchy etc. Just goes to show you never can tell!
green bulletSmash the fash with a truly excellentAnti Fascist Web
green bulletRacists feel the fearToronto Anti Racist Action

Animal Rights

green bulletChiltern Hunt Saboteurs something to do on all those Saturday mornings
green bulletNottingham Hunt Sabs Association
green bulletSouthern Anti Bloodsports Society
green bulletHunt Sabs Association
green bulletLeague Against Cruel Sports logoThe League Against Cruel Sports are still, sadly, due to political reasons distancing themselves from the sab movement, but still represent the acceptable side of Anti Blood'sport' activity, and do some excellent work. If you don't fancy trying to keep up with horses when you're on foot - then get involved with these people as a hunt observer.
green bulletKilling for Kicks, the site the British Fields Sports Society threatened to sue. Find out why, and what they threatened (such nice people too .....NOT)
green bulletPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - A great site that includes lists of animal testers and non-animal testers, vegan recipies (yummy) and a list of animal ingredients and their alternatives to keep you off those animal products
green bulletUK Animal Rights Coalition - Speaks for itself really
green bulletBloodsports, Live Exports and the CJA

Muckdonalds and other stuff of interest

green bulletSchNEWS - Brighton Justice's fine weekly alternative newsheet
green bulletAnarchy resource. says it all really
green bulletMcSpotlightRonald McDonald taking off mask to show him as the corporate bastard he really is. The trial may not have been completely successful in showing McDonalds as the bastards they really are, but a great deal was proved and the fight goes on. Keep informed on activities and actions here
green bulletConspiracy against Diana: the Facts
green bulletCHD Homepage - Coalition for Human Dignity
green bulletThe Flag-Burning Page - burn, baby, burn
green bulletThe Seed - UK Alternative Information
green bulletThe 3rd Battle of Newbury
green bulletThe UK CIA Somewhat of a free the weed site
green bulletA Good General Anarchy Archive - I find a lot of people don't truly understand what anarchism means - please don't let yourself become one of the ignorant

red bullet Thanx are due to

green bulletInfinite Fish for providing the background

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