A Web Site in memorium of Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott, two of the fifteen victims killed at Columbine High School, April 20th, 1999.

Cassie Rene' Bernall:
Cassie Rene' Bernall was born November 6th, 1981. She was raised by her Mother, Misty and Father, Brad Bernall. Cassie, in early years, suffered greatly with the temptations many teens face. She became involved with the wrong crowd, which led to later mischeif of Witchcraft. It was then at this time, Cassie became violent with her parents. Many times she threatened to murder her parents. Frightened, Misty Bernall decided it was time to remove Cassie from the communication and freedom she had with her potentially harmful friends. Cassie was removed from her school and her friends and was then placed in a Private School. Her parents felt it would be best if Cassie attended Youth Group at West Bowles Christian Community Church. So, she did. She wasn't allowed out of the house unless she was at Youth Group or school. In a 1997 retreat wit her church, Cassie was led to the front of a stage during a worship service with a friend where she accepted the Lord into her heart. When she returned home from the youth retreat,
Father, Brad recalled that it were as though a light had been turned on in the soul that was once dark in his daughter. Extatic, Cassie explained ot her mother that she had changed and she was going to prove it. This was when she became involved with her church. She was a youth leader and was constantly making arrangements to work at shelter homes, etc. As the Bernalls began to see the change in their daughter, Cassie was able to attend public school. This school was Columbine High School. Because she came in later in the year, Cassie didn't have many friends at first. Some recall that Cassie was always quiet and shy, but seemed kind-hearted. Indeed, she was. Everyday in school she'd carry with her a bible, W.W.J.D bracelet and wisdom. When the chance came to reach to others about Christ, Cassie was there to speak.

On April 20th, 1999, Cassie asked her mother if she could stay home because she wasn't feeling well and was tired. Her Mother, Misty told Cassie that it would be best if she went. Packing her things, Cassie told her Mother she loved her and headed out the door to school. She arrived with warm welcomings to friends as she walked the halls of Columbine High School. At around 11:00 a.m. it was lunch time and Cassie decided to go to her favorite "lunch spot"; the school library. She found a table to herself where she could study her favorite Shakesperian pieces. Cassie sat down, but it wasn't along before she noticed others gathering under tables for cover. Startled, Cassie also began to take shelter. 18 year-old
Eric Harris and 17 year-old Dylan Klebold entered the library by blowing out the doors and windows with rifles and shot guns. Students were screaming. The two young men first approached Isaiah Shoels, he was killed. After a few others, the two boys paused. Harris approached Cassie, who hid under the library desk. He asked if anyone there believed in God. Witnesses recall that Cassie did hesitate, but then taking a standing position, she stated to the young man, "Yes, I believe in God." Harris asked her, "Why?" but before Cassie could respond, she was shot.

On April 26th, 1999, Cassie's pastor gave her eulogy to an audience of 2,600. He said that if Cassie had been able to respond to Eric's questioning, she would have responded greatly.

Cassie's mantel has been left for others to carry, and many have done just that. Since the acts of April 20th, 1999, Cassie's mother has written a book, "She Said Yes." Dove Award winner, Michael W. Smith has also written a book and song called, "
This is Your Time" inspired by Cassie and her heroism. Because her dream was to become a doctor and treat children in poor countries, Cassie's family has started an orphanage in Honduras, the second poorest country in the world, called "Cassie Bernall Home for Children."

Although the death of
Cassie Rene' Bernall is tragic, God planned it because He knew how many lives would be touched by this young woman's courage. Millions have been saved by this testimony. What's your testimony? Will you answer, "Yes."
Rachel Joy Scott was born August 5th, 1981. Friends recall that she was a kind girl. Her father called her "girl in the funny hat."

Attending Columbine High School,
Rachel was involved with music, writing, singing and acting.

Only a few months before her death she starred in the school play, "Smoke in the Room."

Rachel was the type of person who always was kind to others. Every day in the Columbine cafeteria Rachel would search amongst the crowded seats for new faces. When she saw someone who didn't look familiar and seemed to be alone, Rachel would walk over to them, introduce herself and invite the lonely student to join she and her friends.

She had a heart for everyone. But on
April 20th, 1999, the two boys she had tried to be kind to held a trigger to her side and shot the 17 year-old dead.

As she was approached by one of the two young men, she was asked,
"Do you believe in God?"

Rachel had spoken to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold about God numerous times. They knew her answer.

"You know I do." she replied.

Because of her faith, her love and her
kindness, Rachel Joy Scott was killed.

Rachel has been remembered for her ability to love others undeniably. At her funeral many were at a loss of words for this young girl who had reached so many lives.

She left behind a testimony for others. In her words: "Be kind to everyone. You just may start a chain reaction."

She not only wrote that quote, she walked that quote. Rachel has been a great inspiration to anyone willing to live for Christ. Her story will continue to touch the hearts of  all
future generations.

"This is your Time"
(C) Michael W. Smith
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Although forgiveness is one of the hardest emotions, we as people need to create it as an action. To Dylan and Eric:
All rights reserved. Courtesy of Columbine Martyrs, 2002.
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