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12/12/2000 -- Updated pictures

Well, hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving. I guess I've been too busy to update this web page (that's a good thing). Well, I updated the pictures page with some miscellaneous pictures. Will put the pictures of my NYC trip up soon. Soon meaning this year hopefully. Enjoy!

10/31/2000 -- Happy Halloween

You know it's sad when you leave the alarm clock in your bedroom an hour ahead just so you can get into work on time. 'nuff said.

10/15/2000 -- Definition of a Pre-Dump

This is a really cool concept that I came up with. Basically, it's when someone dumps you BEFORE you even go out. Of course you can't get pre-dumped at a club; this only occurs between two friends who just recently became friends. And one friend starts getting "weird," and the other one just says, "No! It's never gonna happen! So don't even think about it!" Sure, it sounds crude and harsh at first, but in time, I think the friendship is stronger because of it.

Just think about it. How many times has it happened where when one friend starts dating someone, the other friend just seems to be meaner/colder to them. Why? Because they didn't know they had feelings for that person (or they did know and didn't do anything about it). And jealousy or anger leads them to be meaner/colder. See, if they had been pre-dumped, then there would be no need to be jealous or cold to the other person. They would be just like Will and Grace. Thoughts on this? Post to the Message Board

09/27/2000 -- HDOTD'ers

OK, most of you are probably here because of the HDOTD email. Well, don't be jaded by the banner down there. The banner is there because I'm using URL forwarding (this web site is actually This way, I can tell people to go to and will redirect them to geocities. It's a free service, but the downfall is the banner. I can pay $49/year to get rid of it, but then that wouldn't make this a HDOTD. Another thing I can do is just host my own web server or find one on the Internet (which I'll probably do eventually), but for now, enjoy the HDOTD!

And yes, I had no life. Now stop surfing the 'Net and get back to work!

09/19/2000 -- Sick As A Dog

I was sick last week. I got the flu on Wednesday, and so I just went home on Wed afternoon. Then took off on Thursday and Friday. Then, like a stuborn fool, I went to the amusement park on Saturday with a bunch of friends and it was like 50 or 60 degrees outside. I think that made me even more sick. Still have a runny nose now. When will I learn that I just have to stay home and rest when I'm sick?...

Bought a bunch of electronics lately too. I paid like $1200 for a home theatre receiver with speakers. And a whole lot of computer stuff...I think credit card bill for next month is up to 3k already. dough! Gotta stop buying stuff...gotta SAVE MONEY!!! (my new motto)

My friend Gerry just bought a house up here. A 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bathroom with a full basement house for $145K. It's very nice. He moves in at the end of the month (it took him only a month to find and close). It got me thinking I should get one too...hmmmm....

I get to go home next weekend! Woohoo! Actually, I get to go back to UT to do some recruiting events. But I'm flying home the weekend before to go to one of my high school friend's wedding. Then leave on Sunday night for Austin and stay until Friday morning. Actually, I could have flown anywhere that weekend. I could have gone to Seattle or Miami for the weekend and then fly to Austin on Monday. It is what's known as a business-personal trip. If you take a flight on a weekday and return the same week, the plane ticket would most likely cost $1500+. However, if you stay overnight somewhere on Saturday, then your ticket will probably be $500 or less. And this means ANYWHERE on Saturday. You can fly to Hawaii on Friday, stay the weekend, then fly to your original destination midweek and fly home the end of the week, and it'll still be cheaper. Don't ask me why this is; just Enjoy!

08/24/2000 -- Alive

Yes, I'm still alive. Got more pictures for ya'll. Go to to see them. Basically, pictures of a party at my house a while back, rock climbing pictures, pictures at a club. Yada yada. Enjoy!

08/09/2000 -- Pyramid Scheme

I can't believe I wasted 3 hours of my life in a freaking pyramid scheme seminar last night. I thought it was going to be a ecommerce venture capitalist type of job, but the ecommerce was just a facade. All I'd have to do is get losers to pay $100 to join the club, and the losers then get other losers, and so on. Grrrrrr...I'm so pissed I wasted my time. That damn 6th grade Science teacher -- I knew he was shady, but not this shady. Making me think this was a real gut told me that he couldn't have been breaking 6 digits...c'mon, he was my 6th grade Science teacher....

08/09/2000 -- Updated Pics Page

Holy schnikes Batman! Another month has gone by. Anyway, I updated my pics page with pictures from 2 canoe trips and a place called Union Station in Cincinnati. Enjoy!

07/28/2000 -- Drunk IT People

Hahaha, had a happy hour last Tuesday. Of the 12 people (out of hundreds) that showed up, 10 of them were IT people. What does that tell yah? We're losers and need beer OR is it just we get out more and know how to have fun. Hmmmmmmmm...

07/27/2000 -- High School Math

So I went out to Burger King today. Bought a chicken sandwich combo (still fast food burgerless -- hell yah!) today, and the total came out to be $4.51. I gave the tall white jock-type boy who must have been a junior or senior in high school $5.01. As he was handing me the change, it was like a thought struck his mind. Then he hands me the change -- a quarter and a nickel. I was about to say something, but then I just laughed and shook my head and drove on. I guess he knew he did the math wrong when he hesitated, but was still gonna give me the incorrect change. Oh man, I tell yah...the fleacing of America...

07/25/2000 -- L workstation

Okay, here's a picture of the desk that I've been holding out to buy for the past 5 months. The thing was heavy like hell (before and after I put it together). Now all I need is another one added to the right side of this one to make a big U and I'm set. Click here to view it.

07/18/2000 -- Microwave Breakdown

Yah, last night, I bit the big one: I went out and bought a microwave! After 4 months of saying how "hip" and how "2000" I was of not needing a microwave, I caved yesterday. The ONLY reason why I got it was so I could eat frozen dinners. I mean, after a while, you just get tired of Burger King/Subway/Arby's/Chinese food, yah know. Plus, I wasn't getting my daily veggie intake with fast food. At least with the frozen dinners, I have a side of peas or corn. And another thing, usually when you go fast food, you get a really big portion. With the frozen dinners, you get just enough to give you more energy. So, that'll help me in cutting down the beer belly. Now if I can only find a way to cut down on beers...

07/18/2000 -- Oh God, Shoot Me

Is it me or does AT&T make you wait like an hour before you can speak to a customer service rep? And usually, you just give up and hang up. What's up with that?

07/11/2000 -- An Old Fart

You know what's wrong with being 22? You have no other milestone to look forward to. Sure, you can rent a car at 25, but who cares about that? So, it's all downhill from now on... See, when you hit 21, you can LEGALLY drink for the first time. So, you are at the peak of the mountain. One side, you have your teenage years (includes the age of 20) and the other side is the rest of your life (your twenties, thirties, and so on). And thus, it's all downhill from now on...

07/09/2000 -- Free At Last, Oh God Almighty, Free At Last

Well, it's about an hour away from my 22nd birthday, and I just closed another chapter of my book. Out with the old, in with the new... Start over with a clean slate....

Geez...only an hour away from being in my twenties...I'm gonna feel so old...

07/07/2000 -- What A Guy Wants

Okay, this is not necessarily coming from me; I took an Interpersonal Communications class my last semester, and one day, the professor split the class up into boys and girls. It was an open forum meaning one sex can ask the other sex about anything. And one question arose from a girl: What is the difference between a one night stand girl and a keeper?

So, now, I'm basically going to summarize what the guys said. With a one night stand girl, all she needs is looks. We don't care if she's the stupidest thing walking the Earth! Now for her to be a keeper, she has to have certain traits like a nice personality, a good sense of humor, and some brains. If she's lacking in one of these traits, she can make up for it with other traits like: her parents are dead, she's rich, or she's really really pretty. However, this is not recommended because those three traits are pretty important. It could end in divorce or a break up even. There, I've answered the question all you girls have been wanting an answer for. Enjoy! Message Board

07/07/2000 -- Oh Gawd

Once again, another month. Man, time flies when you're working. Sheesh!

06/30/2000 -- The Breakdown

Well, the whole veggie lunch thing ended on Monday after three days. I totally forgot and had one of those mouthful burrito wraps...doh! And the following day, I had a chicken burger with fries (which I did regret after polishing it off). But at least I'm still burgerless! Woohoo!

06/23/2000 -- Vegetarian Lunch

Three days into my salad lunch idea, I have cracked. I got some enchilada/rigatoni/lasagna looking thing today because I was just too hungry for a salad. Well, it turned out that it was a veggie roll with spinach inside of it and had no meat. So, that means I'm still good on my salad/vegeatarian lunch diet. Woohoo!

06/21/2000 -- Step closer to being Vegetarian

For some reason, it seems that if I eat meat for lunch, then by around 2pm or 3pm, I just feel tired and beat. Like, I'll try to pick up a monitor, or if I try to climb stairs, it's like, "Oh God, shoot me!" So, today, I had a salad for lunch, and I feel pretty good now. We'll see if it's the meat, or if this is just psychological by having salad for another couple of days.

06/20/2000 -- 2 Cent Tax

Why is it that at Burger King when I order a chicken sandwich combo for $4.49, they charge me $.02 cents of tax? In Ohio, if you order your food to go, you don't get charged tax. So, unless they are charging me for the paper bag or the packet of ketchup, I have no idea why I'm being charged $.02 tax. I'm gonna have to ask them next time I go.

06/18/2000 -- Late Night Fast Food

There is a reason why fast food restaurants close at a certain hour -- no customers. And when there are no customers, there isn't any freshly microwaved food. I hit Mc'Donald's tonight 15 minutes before closing because it had been MONTHS since I've been to one plus I craved some Mc'nuggets. I was tempted for a burger, but since it's been over a month since I've gone burgerless, I didn't want Mc'Donald's to be my first. I'm saving myself for somethin better..hehe. But anywaaaaay, so I got the fillet of fish burger, fries, and nuggets. When I got home, the fish burger was somewhat fresh, but the fries were hella-crunchy and the nuggets were crunchy as well. Wendy's is usually better at not giving you crunchy fries late at night, but anyway, I thought I'd point this out to ya'll (even though I know most of ya'll are going, "I could have told you that!"). But here's something most of you may not know. If you want your burger to be fresh, always tell them "no onions" or "no ketchup" or something like that. That way, they can't grab that hour long burger sitting on the rack and will have to make you a fresh one. Enjoy!

06/12/2000 -- Survivor

I swear this TV show is pretty addicting. If you don't know, it comes on Wednesdays at 8/7CST. Basically, it's 16 people stranded on an island, and they have to survive. The people are split into 2 teams, and each week, there is a competition between the two. The losing team then has to vote one of their members off the island. Good stuff I tell ya. Enjoy!

06/12/2000 -- Epiphany

If I hear another person using this word, I'm gonna have to go midevil on them. This word isn't new; it just wasn't coined yesterday. But lately, it seems like everyone and their grandmas' are using this word. Grrrrrrrrr...

Update: I just had my own epiphany right now. Drinking milk after eating pickels...not a good idea!

06/12/2000 -- Midwest Gas

Dammit, why does gas cost so much in the Midwest? I was watching the Today Show this morning, and it was saying that the regular '89 octane gas in Chicago was like $2.30 a gallon while the national average is only $1.50. Back home in TX, it's $1.50, but here in Cincy it's $1.85. Grrrrrr...stupid OPEC!

06/12/2000 -- Gone In Sixty Seconds Review

Fifteen minutes into the movie, I thought this was gonna be another classic like The Rock, but by the end, I felt a bit cheated. I wanted to see more shots of the cars, and I would have rather seen Cage take my Ferrari 360 Modena last rather than that Mustang. But anyway, I would say it was worth $5.50 (barely)...just to see the cars. And was it just me or did the two hours just roll by in a hearbeat? Message Board

06/11/2000 -- I Could Eat a Peach for Hours

Well, it's about time peach season kicked into effect. Did my daily midnight shopping last night and wound up with like 5 pounds of peaches, 3 pounds of cherries, and 3 crunchy greenish-orange mangoes. Mmmmmhhhhhh... This time, I will Enjoy!

06/11/2000 -- More Love Games

Enter your birthdate and your lover's birthdate and see if you guys match up. Click here Enjoy! And if you are curious, mine is 7/10/78...which also means you better save up for my bday present. Hehehe.

06/08/2000 -- Snow in June

Ok, so I'm exagerating, but I've never walked outside my house in the morning in June and come face to face with 50 to 60 degree weather. And the other day, as I was leaving the office at 5pm, the wind chill made it seem like it was in the low 70s. What's up with that? Don't get me wrong, I love this cool weather in June; it's just unexpected.

06/05/2000 -- Pictures Page Updated

Click here to jump to the updated pictures page. I added pictures of my trip to L.A. There's also one of my car...the Ferrari 360!!! It's not the convertible Spyder model, but it still is hella fine! Enjoy!

06/01/2000 -- Shanghai Noon Review

Good movie! If you like Jackie, you should like this one. I'd say it's worth the full price of a ticket! Message Board

06/01/2000 -- Song of the Week

Jay Z's Big Pimpin'

We doin.. big pimpin, we spendin G's
Check em out now
Big pimpin, on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin.. big pimpin up in N.Y.C.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B
Yo yo yo.. big pimpin, spendin G's
We doin - big pimpin, on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin.. big pimpin up in N.Y.C.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B

06/01/2000 -- New Dream

Oh yah, this is the new dream car. A Ferrari 360 Spyder...aaaaaaauuuuuuhhhhh...*drools*... Too bad they are only bringing roughly 600-800 over here, so my chances of grabbing one of these is slim to none. The price tag is relatively cheap at a mere $140,000. As a wise person once said, "You can live in the car, but you can't drive the house." Ahhhhh...I can see the chicks lining up already.

Here is the link to the official Ferrari web page. Click here Look at the pictures they have at the bottom left side....ugggghhhhhhh...*drools*.... Message Board

06/01/2000 -- Days of My Life

Wow, another month has gone by. My my, how the times are a changing. As for the haircut, it seems short was the way to go, so that's what I did. And of course the lady cut it shorter than what I wanted. Is "trim the top" so hard to understand? I may not be a hair stylist, but I know that "trim" doesn't mean cut off an inch. I don't know how these people can become stylists. Makes McDonald's employees look like nuclear physicists or something... Message Board

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