The Episcopal Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Christ Church  Corner of Bay and Spruce Streets
All are welcome as we sing together, pray together, and praise together!
Mission Statement: "As we grow spiritually, we will bring Christ to our community."
The Episcopal Churches of Chippewa Falls have a long and dedicated history of serving our community; community that really has 3 parts...
1)  There is the community within the church - our      congregation.

2)  There is the local community of friends and             those in need in our own city and area.

3)  And, there is the community of the world itself.
* If a hectic world is closing in on you;

* If you are looking for more meaning in your life;

* If you have a personal reason;

you are welcome to visit the Episcopal Church of Chippewa Falls.
Office Phone: 715-723-7667
Parish Notes and News
Visitors since July 9, 2002