Melissa Cleary
Concepts For A Digital World
November 18, 2008 Presentation Comments
November 25, 2008 Presentation Comments
I am a student in the Fall 2008 Concepts For A Digital World, (CFADW), course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I am enrolled in the Special Events Planning Program, H111.
I am taking the CFADW course to learn more about the digital age. I am also looking forward to learn more about computers that I  don't already know, which I will be able to apply in my career.

I am interested in IT because it is going to have a huge impact in the future relating to business. I am very interested in computers, and to see where they will go in the future, and where they will take us.

I have been using IT for about 12 years, and am pretty familiar with most aspects of computers and the internet. I am familiar with Windows XP, Office 2003, Internet Explorer, and I have a bit of experience with Macintosh Computers.