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Course contentLesson 11

The date

"day of the week", ai "day of the month" di "month", "year"

Joibe, ai 18 di Novembar,1997 (Thursday, 18 November 1997)

The Days of the Week

lunis (m) Monday
martars (m) Tuesday
miercus (m) Wednesday
joibe (f) Thursday
vinars (f) Friday
sabide (f) Saturday
domenie (f) Sunday

The Months of the Year

The Months The Seasons
Zenār (m)January
Fevrār (m)February
Marē (m)March
Unvier (m)Winter
Avrīl (m)April
Mai (m)May
Jugn (m)June
Vierte (f)Spring
Primevere (f)
Lui (m)July
Avost (m)August
Setembar (m)September
Istāt (f)Summer
Utubar (m)October
Novembar (m)November
Dicembar (m)December
Sierade (m)Autumn
Autum (m)


1/1 Prin dal an (New Year's Day)
6/1 Pasche Tafanie / Pifanie (The Epiphany)

Joibe grasse


(Maundy Thursday)



Domenie Ulive

Sabide Sante


(Ash Wednesday)


(Palm Sunday)

(Holy Friday)

(Easter Sunday)

3/4 Fieste dal Friūl (Friulian National Day)
1/5 Fieste dai lavoradōrs

Prin di Mai

(Labour Day)
Pasche di Mai (Whit Sunday)
Sense (Ascension)
6/6 Beāt Beltram,
Patron de Universitāt
(Day of the blessed Bertrand,
Patron of the University)
15/8 Madone di Avost (Assumption of the b.V.)
29/9 Sant Micjźl (St Michael's Day)
1/11 I Sants (All Hollows)
2/11 I Muarts (Day of the Dead)
Avent (Advent)
13/12 Sante Luzie (St Lucy's Day)
24/12 Vilie di Nadāl (Christmas Eve)
25/12 Nadāl (Christmas Day)
26/12 Sant Scjefin (Boxing Day)
31/12 Ultin dal an (New Year's Eve)

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