Bandy was played in Hungary in the beginning of the century by clubs as FC Academica, MTK and Szeged, but never really took hold. In 1922 the bandy players switched to the "Canadian rules" (i.e. the ball was exchanged for a puck etc).

Bandy was reborn in the Hungary in 1988's, but is maily played as 6-a-side on an ice-hockey rink ("Rink Bandy") and their best players live and play in Sweden. Hungary made their debut in the Bandy World Championships in 1991 and participated in 4 World Championships (1991, 1993, 1995 and 1997), but they are still not a major force, and are together with The Netherlands the weakest of the world's bandy teams and all their their wins have all been against The Netherlands. 1