Filia's Fabulous Fortress!
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  Hello, hello!I hope you enjoy the fortress. You can do many things as you see to your left. Please be sure to join the RPG, because I want it to have a lot of members! If you have suggestions or info for this site, please e-mail me. If there is anything that you don't understand, e-mail me and ask away! I hope you enjoy
Filia's Fabulous Fortress!
I realize I haven't updated in practically EVER, but I am sorry. I am a busy person and haven't gotten a chance to! I hope you guys are still intrested! If you want to link me or whatever, go ahead. If you want me to link you, send me your URL and I will.... When I get around to it. I am sorry that I am lazy!!!

Ah..... The Support place.... Feel free to put them on your site! Spread them far and wide! Too bad all mine are Filia and Xellos... Oh well... I'm a big fan for those two... Hehe!
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