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Wecome to the Granahan Family site.  Our names are Sandra and Ryan Granahan-Espinosa and our reason for developing this page is to search for and connect with members of the Granahan family throughout the world.  We have already had success in finding some family members and our lives are very much enriched because of it!  If you are a Granahan or know of one, please pass on this Web Page.  Thanks.

Some of the hobbies of myself, Sandra, and my son, Ryan (age 10), are sports (especially basketball, soccer, football, baseball, etc.), music, travelling, geneology, coin collecting, computers, gardening, landscaping, crafts, cooking and baking.  We have done humanitarian aid work in the Caribbean for many years now, as well as sponsoring a child with World Vision in the Dominican Republic.  We also enjoy having Pen Pals around the world.

I am Sandra Granahan-Espinosa, and was born in Toronto, Ontario.  I am the mother of 3, Sally and Scott are both adults, and Ryan is my baby born in 1990.  I also have 4 grandchildren, Tricia, Nicholas, Amy and Kyle.  I have lived in East York my entire life, with the exception of time spent in Cuba with my husband and his family.

My brother, Roy Douglas Granahan, has been estranged from the family since 1979 and I would really love to find him.  His last known address was 10271 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, Ontario.

I have been disabled for the last several years and my computer has allowed me to really search out other family members through geneological searches.  I have found family members in Australia and the States who have become very close friends now.  I would like this site to continue that search in the hopes of finding many more family members and discovering the origins of the family name Granahan.

The other member of our little family is Pooki, our adorable little Lhasa Apso puppy.  If you are a dog lover as we are, you will know what I mean when I say she is very much a family member!