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“Ek on Kar Satgur Prasad”




Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Maharashtra, India


Gurmat Missionary College, Mumbai, India






Tidal Waves (Tsunami)




Appeal received from National and International Government agencies:




Action taken under the banner of Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.) and Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.), Mumbai in lieu of the above appealed received:




First Phase of Relief Work




Second Phase of Relief Work




Third Phase of Relief Work




Co-ordination committee of Guru Nanak Sarbat Sikh Sangat




Relief Work at Muzhukkuthurai, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu




Relief Work at Campbell Bay, Port Blair










Relief Work Carried out for the people of India and Sri Lanka affected by


Tidal Waves (Tsunami)




            Sunday the 26th December 2004 was a black day for the people of South Asia. Early morning at about 06.10 hours THE TSUNAMI took life of thousands of people. This caused destruction to the properties of innocents; some sleeping into their beds never rose again to see the rising sun. The sea, which gave lakhs of people their livelihood through fishing, boating, etc., took their lives inhumanely. No house was left untouched with either death or destruction and sometimes both entered. Many bodies were found lying dead and many more unknown. This deadly tide rose from Sumatara taking within its arms Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Tamil Nadu & many more parts of South Asia. This is one of the largest calamities & costliest destruction that the world has witnessed with widespread damage, the suffering reaching the same magnitude as that caused by the explosions of the atom bombs during World War II. There were heart-rending scenes of loss of life, damage to houses of the poor and disruption of normal life in different places during the recent impact of the tsunami in these coastal areas.




            Messages of sympathy poured in from many heads of state and citizens. Many philanthropists and social organizations have come forward and mounted a programme for assisting the affected. Human action should defeat the ferocity of nature. Many social & religious institutions in India and Indians abroad sent the messages that they would like to educate orphaned children. The civic sense; the compassion from individuals; institutions and corporates, getting themselves deeply involved in relief operations taking it as their own work are really touching. Many companies are sending their employees as volunteers, dedicated religious minded hardcore social workers, doctors, etc. have relocated themselves there. Here we see a spark of Humanity, a silver lining.




            Sikhs better known for their service to mankind (Sewa) stood together worldwide to extend their aid in the form of physical services, donations, food, clothing, shelters, etc. Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.) under the banner of Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Mumbai, India have left nothing behind in rendering every possible aid to the victims of tsunami in India and abroad.        






Appeal received from National and International Government agencies:




Sri Lankan Consulate approached Sikh Sangat (Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Maharashtra) for providing assistance for the rescue, relief and rehabilitation for the affected people.


The collector of Cuddalore District (Tamil Nadu) also requested and appealed in general to the Sikh Community to render aid in constructing houses for the homeless in 23 villages under Cuddalore Taluka in Tamil Nadu.






Action taken under the banner of Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.) and Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.), Mumbai.




Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Dadar has sanctioned Rs. 5 Lakhs to Chief Minister Relief Fund. The funds will be collected from all Gurdwaras in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and the cheque will be handed over the Chief Minister collectively taking into confidence the relative committee members of every Gurdwaras.




Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Dadar has promised to pay Rs.2 lakhs to Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.) and volunteers assisting to the affected areas for relief and rehabilitation work.




Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Dadar has also agreed to give 1000 blankets and 10 tones of rice/sugar to Sri Lankan Consulate for relief to Sri Lanka victims.




Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op. Bank Ltd. has sanctioned Rs.5 lakhs to Chief Minister Relief Fund for the victims.




An appeal has been made through ETC (Punjabi) channel, banners, posters and announcement at different Gurdwaras for collection of Clothes, Food Grains, Medicines and in cash.




Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Dadar, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Vashi and Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Darbar, Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar were made the collection centers for the above aids.




Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Vashi, Navi Mumbai put a lot of efforts in collecting relief in the form of cash and kind.


Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Vashi, collected more than Rs. 51,000 and handed over to Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Dadar for passing on this money to Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, on 15th January 2005.


They also collected about 400 kg of rice and large number of clothes and handed over them to Gobind Singh Study Circle on 15th January 2005.






First Phase of Relief Work




            On receiving an appeal dated 29th December, 2004 from Sri Lankan Consulate, Mumbai, dated 29th December, 2004 the volunteers with wide heart and hand started collecting clothes, food, blankets, medicines etc. and within 8 days i.e. on 6th January, 2005 one container full of the said materials were dispatched to Sri Lanka through their official courier M/s. Allied Lemuir Movers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai which was later acknowledge by Sri Lankan Consulate vide their letter No. MUM/ADM/1/42 dated 14.01.2005 (copy enclosed).




Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.) has also been rendering services of Loading/unloading and transporting to M/s. Allied Lemuir Movers Pvt. Ltd., Kanjurmarg, Mumbai for relief collected on behalf of Sri Lankan Consulate by various other agencies and NGO’s in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai




Five volunteers of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (Regd.) have been deputed on 2nd January, 2005 for survey at Cuddalore & Chidambaram Taluka and have forwarded the report for aid, relief and rehabilitation to be rendered in the above places.




Out of 23 villages in Chidambaram Taluka in Tamil Nadu, 3 villages naming (a) Mudasal Odai, (b) Mulukkuthurai &  (c) M.G.R. Thittu are selected out for rehabilitation and construction of houses, for which detail official list of population of theses villages, amount and materials required are faxed to us for consideration.




Second Phase of Relief Work




            In the second phase, a group of following five-member team visited from 03.01.2005 to 08.01.2005 to survey the affected areas of Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu State of India and informed the disastrous condition of this place.


Jaspal Singh


Kuldeep Singh


Tejinder Singh


Bhupinder Singh


Kuldeep Singh




            On personal meeting with the local administration, S. Gagandeep Singh Bedi, I.A.S., District Collector, Cuddalore District our volunteers collected the data of the places with population & destruction at those places.






Third Phase of Relief Work


            In the third phase a team of following five members visited from 8.1.2005 to 19.1.2005.


Kulwant Singh


Jaspal Singh


Jaswinder Singh


Ravinder Singh


Bhupinder Singh




            They met the committee member of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sat Sangh Sabha, T. Nagar, Chennai and arranged a collective meeting of representatives from the following organizations:




Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu


Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Mumbai


Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Darbar, Mumbai


Gurmat Missionary College, Mumbai


Gurmat Prachar Charitable Trust (Regd.), Mumbai


Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Regd.), Khar, Mumbai


Khalsa Aid, U.K.


Guru Nanak Sat Sangh Sabha (Regd.), Chennai


Guru Granth Sahib Study Centre (Regd.), Chennai


Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Bangalore


Karnataka Sikh Welfare Society (Regd.), Bangalore


Servants of the People Society, Delhi


Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council (Regd.), New Delhi






Co-ordination committee of Guru Nanak Sarbat Sikh Sangat




The names of members of Co-ordination committee of Guru Nanak Sarbat Sikh Sangat are given in Annexure-A.




A core Committee was formed to look after the working of this relief & rehabilitation work at Cuddalore. (Annexure-B)




A Bank account was opened with a committee of three members. (Annexure–C)




            A resolution (Annexure-D) was passed on 10th January 2005 at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sat Sangh Sabha, Chennai for carrying out various relief operations. This was passed with the consent of all the Co-ordination committee members.




            A memorandum was handed over to the Governor of Tamil Nadu – S. Surjit Singh Barnala. (Annexure-E)




            An offer / acceptance letter was handed over to the District Collector, Cuddalore S. Gagandeep Singh Bedi. (Annexure-F)




            A memorandum was handed over to Shri Ram Kapse, Lt. Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Island on his visit to Governor House, Tamil Nadu at Chennai on 14.1.2005. (Annexure-G)




            The team of following members visited the site i.e. Muzhukkuthurai village for survey and found the condition very dreadful.


Jaspal Singh Mumbai


Kulwant Singh            Mumbai


Rajinder Singh           Mumbai


Ravinder Singh          Mumbai


Bhupinder Singh       Mumbai


Jaswinder Singh       Mumbai


Surjit Singh                Chennai


Balbir Singh Pawa    Bangalore


Pritam Singh              Bangalore


Surjit Singh                Bangalore


Pritpal Singh              Bangalore


Lakhwinder Kaur       Singapore


Ravinder Singh          U.K.






Relief Work at Muzhukkuthurai, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu




            All the 163 houses were destroyed and the people were sheltered in camps run by Government & NGO’s at Cuddalore. On having a meeting with the local people of this village, they refused to settle in the same place and have asked to construct the house at land little away from the destroyed land which has to be purchased by us  to rebuild the houses for them.




            The land owner opted for Rs. 45,000/- per sq. acre and about 8 acres has to be purchase for construction, which may cost us about Rs. 4,00,000/- after legal formalities. They also refused to surrender the old land to the Government. They also insisted us to build the houses as being constructed by Chennai Water Board at MGR Thittu.




            We approached the D.C. to consider the cost of land, who has agreed that either the cost will be born by authorities or may ask some other organization to purchase the land and the same land will be handed over to us for construction as early as possible. We are waiting for the reply from the local authorities.






Relief Work at Campbell Bay, Port Blair




            A team of following members left for Port Blair & further to Campbell Bay on 13.1.2005 and met the committee member of Gurdwara Dr. Diwan Singh at Port Blair and traumatize to know the condition of Campbell Bay and the people at Island which has about 35% of Sikh Population.




Ravinder Singh (U.K.)


Kulwant Singh and


Bhupinder Singh




            Due to administrative denial only S. Kulwant Singh was permitted to visit Campbell Bay.  Ravinder Singh of Khalsa Aid and Bhupinder Singh of Bhai Ghanaiyaji Sewa International have returned from Port Blair after 2 days visit and have reported the lack of assistance from the Local Authority of the island in dealing with the situation of the Sikhs from Campbell Bay.




            Ravinder Singh & Bhupinder Singh met the Governor of Tamil Nadu S. Surjit Singh Barnala & Lt. Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Island Shri Ram Kapse who was also present at Governor House, Chennai on 15.01.2005 & brought to their notice the worse condition of the situation and non availability of aid at Campbell Bay. The authorities assured all possible assistance in short time. This issue has to be given priority so that the logistical difficulties are minimized and not affected by the bureaucracy. The local Sikh community in Chennai are very concerned about the situation at Campbell Bay and are working to establish a meeting of all senior Sikh figures






Campbell Bay: The Southern Most Tip Of India




            Campbell Bay, the only populated locality of then island. The fifty-five kilometer Long island has a mountainous terrain with dense unapproachable forest at the center. This huge island has an area of 1045 sq. km.




            This southern tip of the Great Nicobar island, “Pygmalion Point”, is then southern most point of India. Though the “Vivekananda Rock” of Kanyakumari is the southern most point of Indian mainland, the “Pygmalion Point” is actually the southern most point of the country as it is situated at a lower latitude and closer to then equator. After the demise of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, this point was named “Indira Point”.




            The island has unapproachable dense virgin forest extremely rich in rare varieties of flora and fauna. A 52 km Long north-south road connects Campbell Bay with the southernmost tip of the country, the Indira Point. All along the metalled road, Ex-servicemen from Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are all settled along this road. Campbell Bay is a small locality with a natural harbour. Till a few years back it was a primitive place. But now, with the government offices, it has grown into a small township.




            S. Ajaib Singh came to the Great Nicobar island in 1969 from Ludhiana as one of the first ex-servicemen settler in this island having very little idea about the location and the terrain of this island. He was invited to come to the place, as this vigilant lot was considered most suitable to occupy this remote island. Initially a group of 69 ex-servicemen families from Punjab was brought to the Campbell Bay.  Within the first year another 39 families joined them. Bulldozer cleared lands for cultivation. Government gave free ration to every family for sometime. Initial settlers were given 15 acres of land per family. Later ex-servicemen from other states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra were also sent there. Legal heirs of Ajaib Singh were quite happy till yesterday, as they reaped the harvest of his early years of struggle. They were even happy with the basic facilities available in Campbell Bay.




            The teams at Chennai are arranging the food and are doing their best to dispatch the shipment as soon as they can. Kulwant Singh ji of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India has sent a report upon arrival from Campbell Bay, an island at Nicobar from Andaman & Nicobar District in India. (ReportCampbellBay.doc)




            The Sikh community on the island has suffered immense damage. Most of the families are in camps; atleast 75 families have lost most of their possessions including the houses. The Gurdwara Sahib in Campbell bay has been totally destroyed and two copies of Sri Guru Granth Sahibs have been destroyed by water.  Looking at the utmost emergency Khalsa Aid through Gurdwara Sahib, Chennai food materials list marked as Annexure-“H” was dispatched on 16.1.2005 through Jet Airways to Port Blair for onward shipment to Campbell Bay. (AnnexureHReliefMaterial.doc).




            Ravinder Singh (U.K) and Ravinder Singh (Mumbai) also left for Port Blair on 16.1.2005. Consignment of about 4 tonnes consisting of food materials, clothes, utensils were received from Mumbai through Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Darbar, on 17.1.2005 via Madras Mail which was shipped by Naval ship on 22.1.2005 from Chennai to Campbell Bay island which is expected to reach on 27.1.2005 for distribution.




A fresh team of the following members from Mumbai reached Chennai on 2*.1.2005 for relief work at Campbell Bay as demanded by Ravinder Singh (U.K).


Rajinder Singh


Kuldeep Singh












 You are requested to send your donations to




Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle,

Gurdwara Sri Dashmesh Darbar,

Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




 Please contact the following persons for further information




Kulwant Singh                   09821353984


Bhupinder Singh              09821421058(m),


Jaspal Singh                     09869274076


Jaswinder Singh


Ravinder Singh




Email = sarbjitsingh@yahoo.com






The efforts are still going on for the noble cause of rehabilitation of the affected families.