My Favrite!

My FAVRITE one to listen to is The Donut Man!
He name is Rob Evans and he gots Duncan the Donut.
Duncan funny! Dey call him Mr. Donut on the videos.
He sing bout David and G'liath and Joshua!
Here a song 'bout David and a picture of Rob Evans and Duncan!

I'm gonna tell you a Bible story now.  Can I have some fun with it?
It's about a shepherd named David.  Did you know that when David
fought Goliath he was wearin' a lion skin shirt?  Do you think
that old lion just gave it to him? "Hey David,
You look kinda chilly.  Here have my shirt."
No, you're right, he had to
fight him for it.  Maybe it went somethin' like this.

David was sitting up on a hill playing his harp,
singing to the Lord, "The Lord is my shepherd"
and he looked down and he saw this big, old ugly mangy lion
sneakin' up from rock to rock, from tree to tree.  Sneakin' up
on a poor little baby lamb who was skippin' across
the field.  And the lion reached out and grabbed
the baby lamb, put him in his mouth and snuck off
to the woods to eat him for breakfast.
And he was about to go in to the woods when David
ran down the hill and grabbed the lion by the beard.
And he pulled as hard as he could, and the baby
lamb popped out of his mouth.  And the baby lamb ran
away to his mommy. And his mommy looked at him
and said "Eeew!" cause he was covered with lion's drool,
"You need a bath".  And took him down to the creek
and washed him up and he came out lookin'
like your mom after a bad permanent.

And there's David hangin' on to the lion, remember.
And the lion said, "OK, David, now YOU can
be my breakfast".  And they rolled in to the woods
and the trees rocked back and forth and all the
chipmunks were hangin' on, it was a terrible fight.
And David pushed the lion away and grabbed his
sling shot and he swung it around his head and BOOM!
David came walkin' out of the woods wearin'
a lion skin shirt!

I singed this lots.
Mommy played it lots for me!

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