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***** This photo was taken at Border's Bookstore in Westbury, New York..... April 1997.......**** Richard was promoting his 'Flesh and Bone' CD ***** (nearly blinded the poor guy taking this picture!...) *****

Song: "Hazard" by Richard Marx...

Me, Richard and hubby Larry at Westbury, July 16, 1999
Pic courtesy of Glittra (Meryle)~ Thanks!

(site done in purple, his favorite color)
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Pics! Atlantic City, NJ Concert ~ August 21, '98 Pics!


Enter~ THREE full pages of RICHARD pics!! !


A few other RICHARD MARX pictures!

Richard~Border's Bookstore

Westbury Music Fair

Piano man

RM Close-up

Asking 'what?'

side view


Border's Westbury, NY

you sexy thing

Jones Beach tix-'92

Signing CD/Border's,NY

sexy RM

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