This site is unique because it is made by one of Keanu's only cowgirl fans. lol okay anyway this site is divided into two parts-equine and keanu, which is a very good combination if you ask me! I have to add CCS too! It's one very cool cartoon
     The Keanu, Horses and Cardcaptor Site
It's 3/28 and I haven't done a whole lot all summer. I really have been putting my story up though, honest! I've got great pictures but my slow modem takes so long to upload... Well anyway, just letting you surfers know I'm alive.
Hey guys! It's 3/7, I have been updating, I just never write about it in the updates! I put two more pics of me and my horsey in tiny's page #2, added a few chaps in my fanfic. I started working on Syaoran's page but yet again I was sidetracked. Anyway, I've been sick this whole week, today was the only day I felt good enough to do anything, so there you have it. Email me sometime!
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So much for Christmas decorating, it's almost Valentine's day! Well I put in some cursor things, in case you noticed. I have been putting up chapters too, read those! I WOULD LOVE SOME EMAILS!!!! I am trying to get my friend help manage the site, we might add a Lord of the Rings thing! YAY!
It is 11-16 (look at that, almost a whole month since last update) and I put up chapter seven of my story. I am soo busy, but I really am collecting multimedia! There is some great stuff out there! Try another month, maybe I'll decorate the site for the Christmas Season.
this site is dedicated to Keanu Reeves-the best actor/musician/all around good guy ever! and horses, the coolest animal!  And my newest part, Cardcaptors. Forgive me if this is a really bad site, but I am working on it!
Horses, go down to your left ~ and of course let's not forget Cardcaptors~ Keanu, go down to your right
This part of  the site is the equine part, dedicated to the best sport to ever be invented in the world!!!!!!!
The newest part of the site,  ==> made for the best japanese anime  in history! Even if you're not a fan, I'd suggest checking out the fan fiction, they have some good stories.
This pic will take you to the Keanu half of the site, made for the best actor/bass player the world has ever seen!
Email me!  If you have fanfiction or fan art you'd like to submit, don't hesitate to send! Also, I love *nice* comments, send those in as well!
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The Keanu and Horses site
presented to you by the one, the only, cowgirl Katie and her tornado of a horse Tiny!
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