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Kiana Tom - Health and Fitness Guru

Kiana Tom I first saw Kiana Tom on the ESPN show called Body Shaping. Sure there were other fitness shows that had pretty women but Kiana was a cut above the rest. When Kiana does a chest fly or a one handed tricep curl it's enough to make the heart skip a beat.

Kiana Tom was born in Hawaii, but was raised in Southern California after her parents relocated to California when Kiana was young. Part Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish, Kiana's name is Hawaiian for "calm water".

Kiana Tom she began weight training with the goal of becoming stronger and more muscular, and to improve her forehand and backhand while on her high school tennis team.

Once Kiana began weightlifting, her newfound physique helped in more ways than one. She became a model and used her paychecks for a college education at UCLA.

Her work with ESPN all began when she answered an audition notice for the show Body Shaping. She was hired as an assistant to the show's host, Cory Everson, where she would move from assistant to co-host with Rick Valenti after Everson's departure.

She went on to create, host and produce ESPN2's most popular fitness show, Kiana's Flex Appeal.


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