Changing GW-BASIC files into Notepad (text) files

With old non-commercial GW-BASIC programs you can load them into the GW-BASIC program and then enter LIST. Then you can use the "Mark" feature on the DOS screen to drag and mark the whole program then save it to your clipboard. Then you paste the program into windows "Notepad" and save it as anything you want. It will come out as a text file that you can change around. For it to run like it is as a BASIC program it must be saved as a BASIC file with a BASIC subscript ( "MYFILE.BAS" ), with parenthesis around it, and saved as "All Files" which is the alternative in the "save as type" dropdown box. You can still "drag and drop" the text file on the GW-BASIC icon and it'll still run AND you can change it back to that horrible GW-BASIC format if you want.

I'd been using the above overly clever method for years when Matt Gregory wrote and said all you have to do is load the tokenized, "compressed" program into GW-BASIC and then save it in the following form: SAVE "MYPROGRAM",A . It works like a dream. I decided to keep the above paragraph to again demonstrate my lack of expertise in GW-BASIC!




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