Greenlee; Jake.
Jake: Leo. I'd like to know what Greenlee's getting at here, too.
Greenlee: Jake.
Jake: Go ahead. Finish what you were saying.
Leo: She, uh -- she bumped her head. I think maybe you should check it
Jake: Yeah. Did she lose consciousness?
Leo: I don't think so, but -- I don't know, she's saying a lot of stuff
doesn't make any sense.
Jake: Well, what else is new? I think you're just dazed.
Greenlee: Yeah. I must sound wacky.
Leo: Well, actually, Greenlee, it sounded to me like you were trying to
a point.
Greenlee: Forget it. Finding Ryan is much more important than listening
Leo: I'm sorry that I knocked you over.
Greenlee: It was an accident.
Leo: Yeah, I know, but I'm still sorry. Are you sure that you shouldn't
her to the emergency room or something?
Jake: Actually, I'll make sure. Ryan's in the chapel. He's not
listening to
anything except what he's telling himself.
Leo: Maybe I can get through to him.
Jake: Well, you can try.
Leo: Yeah, I will, thanks. Sorry again.

[Door closes]

Greenlee: Why did you do that?
Jake: Do what?
Greenlee: Give me the look of death about telling Leo what I know.
Jake: And what is it that you think you know?
Greenlee: That Brooke paid him to marry Laura.
Jake: You know, since when does what I think have anything to do with
you do?
Greenlee: You glared at me, Jake.
Jake: Well, Greenlee, this isn't my problem. And you're not my problem.
Greenlee: Well, that's mean. Don't be like that. Why don't you want me
tell Leo about what I know?
Jake: You know what? I don't care what you tell Leo or why because if
you had
your choice about it, you would be in Laura's hospital room right now,
telling her that Leo's on her mother's payroll and he's madly,
passionately, sickly still in love with you. And I know all of that. And I don't want
to hear it anymore. So you can do whatever you want to do. You can go out
and you can flap your lips wherever you want to flap them. You just leave me the
hell out of it.
Greenlee: Ok. Ok, I get it.
Jake: You get it? What do you get?
Greenlee: You. This. Your outburst.
Jake: "Outburst"? You make me like this! You drive me nuts!
Greenlee: Well, I knew you were up to something. At least now I get
what it
Jake: Really? How nice for you, Greenlee. I don't care.
Greenlee: Don't you?
Jake: No, I don't.
Greenlee: I think you do. You want me to tell Leo about -- you want me
to tell Leo that I know about what he's doing. You want me to make him
furious because you think it's going to get you me. Don't you, Doc?

Jake and Greenlee argue at Alex & Dimitri's