Jake and Greenlee at the Campsite
Jake: Here we are.
Greenlee: Where is here?
Jake: Our campsite. Pitched a tent, stocked a cooler.
Greenlee: Why did you bring me here, Jake?
Jake: Oh, listen, this is Priscilla right here. I named her the first night I came back to Pine Valley.
Greenlee: So you've got a pet tree -- big whoop. What are we doing here, Jake?
Jake: Just relaxing, communing with nature, getting back to our primal roots.
Greenlee: I vote me off the campsite. Take me home.
Jake: You smell the pines?
Greenlee: No.
Jake: No? What do you mean, no? You're the one who has the famous nose, the one that can tell wood scents from florals. This ought to be an olfactory banquet for you out here. All you have to do is just kick back, close your eyes, and breathe.
Greenlee: I don't want to breathe.
Jake: Come on, Greenlee. This is God's country. It's just perfect order of nature out here. Just give in to it and let yourself be.
Greenlee: I can't.
Jake: Try.
Greenlee: I mean it, Jake. I can't do this roughing it routine. I did it with Leo once. We were stranded on an island. He got sick, and I took care of him. The moon was shining, and the breeze was blowing just like it is tonight. That's the night that Leo told me that he loved me.
{{Jake hugs Greenlee}}
Jake: Hey, look. There's that constellation I just read about in a new science journal. Yeah, they just recently discovered it. See it? See it right up there?
Greenlee: Mm-hmm.
Jake: Yeah. It's -- actually, it's supposed to be a woman, a Goddess, or so they say. And the story is that she just fell from Olympus and she had two choices. She could either pick herself up and go and reclaim her place in the heavens, or she could disappear. She chose to fight back. You see her? You see her right up there? She's leaning on one knee, and she's staring straight up into the heavens. And in one hand, she's got a bow and an arrow and in the other hand, she's reaching out and she's grabbing the stars. You see her right up there?
Greenlee: I can't see her.
Jake: Oh, yeah? Try harder.
Greenlee: Wait, Jake, wait. What a minute. Maybe I do see her. There's -- there's the bow and the arrow. And there's the fistful of stars. She's getting up on one knee.
Jake: That's it. That's her. Look, she lights up the whole sky.
Greenlee: What's her name?
Jake: The Goddess' name is Greenlee.
Greenlee: There is no constellation. You made that whole thing up.
Jake: But there is a Goddess.
{{They start to kiss passionately}}
Greenlee: Make me feel like a Goddess, Jake.
Greenlee: Jake? Why did you stop?
Jake: I can't do this.
Greenlee: Why not?
Jake: Because if I do, I'm going to fall in love with you.

{{After Jake confesses that he may fall in love with Greenlee, they talk it over and they grow a little closer.  They remain friends and they spend the night sleeping under the stars}}