Jake and Greenlee at the community center
Greenlee: Well?
Jake: Well, all right, I give up. Why are we here?
Greenlee: I did some research and I heard this is what you do to relax. Are you ready for some one-on-one?
Jake: You got to be kidding.
Greenlee: Hey! I'm small, but I'm fast.
Jake: And you also got a lot of nerve, Greenlee.
Greenlee: That's a compliment, right?
Jake: Do you ever think about anyone else but yourself?
Greenlee: Are you still worried about your pals from the shelter? I didn't lock them in a storage room, Jake. I sent them to a movie.
Jake: So you could be alone with me, right?
Greenlee: You think I'm coming on to you?
Jake: I think that ever since we saw Leo and Laura English at BJ's, sure feels like it.
Greenlee: Get over yourself, Doctor. I'm just trying to save you from your dreary life of duty. You're not my type.
Jake: Oh, really? Well, I think everybody's your type, long as they suit your purpose.
Greenlee: And what's that?
Jake: Well, let's think about it. Amusement, love, attention. Heck, you even pretended to be Gillian just to get Ryan back.
Greenlee: Gillian has a big mouth.
Jake: And you faked a suicide to try to get Leo's attention. And then you pushed, of course, Laura off the yacht because you were jealous of her.
Greenlee: My lawyers cleared me of any wrongdoing, and I was under the influence of a dangerous drug!
Jake: You were under -- you crack me up. You were under the influence of a drug that releases your inhibitions, meaning you did exactly what you wanted to do, Greenlee, which was to kill your competition.
Greenlee: At least I fought for what I loved. What did you do when Ryan took your wife?
Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I get defensive and I say things, hurtful things. Jake, Jake, please, don't go. Come on, come on, give me another chance. I'll be on my best behavior.
Jake: It's not worth it.
Greenlee: Get out of my way. I'm --
Tina: Not yet. I have something to say to you first.
Greenlee: I'm not interested.
Tina: Leave Jake alone!
Greenlee: Oh, Honey, he is way out of your league.
Tina: You know, Jake is a decent guy. He's had a very rough time lately.
Greenlee: Who the hell do you think you are? You're a waitress who mimes on the side.
Tina: That is called sign language.
Greenlee: I'll show you sign language.
Tina: Don't bother. I feel sorry for you.
Greenlee: Sorry for me? You'd trade places with me in a nanosecond and you know it. You're like everyone else in this pathetic town. You're jealous. I've got money, looks, brains --
Tina: Too bad you don't have a heart.
Greenlee: Well, who would take the time to look? You're all so busy trying to keep me down.
Tina: Look out!
~~Greenlee gets hit in the head with the basketball she threw~~
~~Greenlee arrives at the hospital~~
Greenlee: Oh. Jake? Jake, thank God you're here. I need your help.
Jake: Oh, Greenlee, please, please. Please, no more stunts.
Greenlee: No, no, no, no, this is for real. Oh, I had an accident after you left. I even passed out, and when I -- when I woke up, I couldn't see straight.
Jake: Yeah, well, you know what? Maybe if you hurry out of here, you'll be able to catch the end of "The Grapes of Wrath."
Greenlee: I could be suffering from serious head trauma.
Jake: Oh. Oh, like the time when you doused yourself with a bucket of water and you claimed frostbite?
Greenlee: My head feels like it's splitting in two and it's your fault!
Jake: You know what? You got a head problem, all right. But it's not a physical one. Just go home.
Greenlee: But I'm hurt. You know, if anything happens to me, my grandfather will sue you for malpractice.
Jake: You are taking up space for people with real injuries in this hospital. If you don't get out of here now, Greenlee, I'm just going to have to call security and have them throw you out.
Greenlee: Oh. You see? I'm in pain.
Jake: You know what? Greenlee, I'm going to give you five seconds to get out of my sight.
Greenlee: And you can take your Hippocratic oath and shove it! Uh --
Jake: Greenlee.
Jake: Greenlee, get up. Come on, knock it off. No, it's fine, it's fine, thank you. She's fine. Listen, what do you think, I'm going to fall for this? You take one acting class in college, you know how to do the dead weight thing, you think I'm going to buy it? Hello. Fine, fine. Just get -- gosh. You are -- Greenlee.

Tina: Jake?
Jake: You know, if you can just open your eyes, you're going to see --
Tina: I had to park the car.
Jake: How unimpressed I am --
Tina: Is she all right?
Jake: What? Did you bring her here?
Tina: Oh, no. Did she pass out again?
Jake: "Again"? What happened?
Tina: Well, she got so angry when you left the center, she hurled this basketball at the wall, and it bounced back and hit her right in the head. She hit the ground really hard.
Jake: Was she knocked unconscious?
Tina: Yeah, for a few minutes, and then I got her up and I got her in the car and I brought her over here.
Jake: Greenlee? Greenlee? Greenlee, wake up. It's me, Jake. Greenlee?

Afterwards, Greenlee awakes and she tells Jake that she doesn't want to stay at the hospital, so Jake says she can stay at his house for the night.