Greenlee: Oh, my God.
Jake: What?
Greenlee: Jake?
Jake: What? What is it?
Greenlee: You, me, here.
Jake: What, I thought you said you didn't want this for us.
Greenlee: I lied.  ~~They continue to make love~~
Jake: You ok?
Greenlee: I'm fine. You?
Jake: I'm fine.
Greenlee: I'm thirsty.
Jake: Watch out for that broken glass.
Greenlee: Ok.
~~Greenlee dissappears from the loft~~
Jake: Greenlee? Greenlee, I could use a glass of water, too. Did you get dressed? ~~Jake sees the door standing open~~What the hell?
~~Jake finds Greenlee at SOS~~
Jake: You said you were thirsty.
Greenlee: I was.
Jake: You came a long way for a club soda.
Greenlee: Well, I guess I was kind of hungry, too.
Jake: Well, I'm starved.
Greenlee: Well, then, I guess it's a good thing that we're here, where there's food.
Jake: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
Jake: These are good.
Greenlee: Hmm. I'm not really that hungry.
Jake: Still thirsty, huh you know, there is one way to look at what happened.
Greenlee: What do you mean, what happened? Between us?
Jake: Yeah.
Greenlee: What would you call it?
Jake: Call what? What happened?
Greenlee: Yes.
Jake: Are we going to get into a discussion about whether what we did was make love or have sex? I mean, because -- that's why you're looking at me that way?
Greenlee: What way?
Jake: That way, like you're watching a train wreck way. Greenlee: You said there was
one way at looking at what happened. What way is that?
Jake: Well, I was just going to say that we could either -- can go in there and make love or we can continue to break the china. That's a good thing. You said before that you lost something tonight. I guess you mean Leo because of him marrying Laura.
Greenlee: Are you sorry about what happened tonight?
Jake: About us going to bed together?
Greenlee: Yes. Yes.
Jake: Sorry?
Greenlee: Just answer the question, Jake, ok?
Jake: Just -- what -- just, you know, it's like this. I think --
~~Interupted my Tad and Dixie~~
Tad: Jake? Sorry for interrupting. I was out of town on business and I just heard. I am so sorry. I'm sure you were right in the middle of everything at the hospital, huh?
Jake: Yeah, yeah. It was really devastating for everyone.
Tad: Is there any word on Laura?
Jake: Actually, I just called on my cell phone on the way over here, and they said that she's holding her own. So it's an incredible thing that happened, you know -- finding a match for the heart and for it all happening the way that it did. It's miraculous, really. That's Gillian.
Dixie: Well, if there's anything you do need, Jake --
Jake: Thanks, Dixie.
Tad: You call me tomorrow.
Jake: I will.
Dixie: Come on, let's go.
Jake: Good to see you.
Dixie: Bye, Greenlee.
Greenlee: Bye.

Greenlee: So.
Jake: So.
Greenlee: What were we talking about before? Oh, I asked you if you were sorry about it. I mean, if you had to do it over again.
Jake: Yeah, um -- but I don't.
Greenlee: Well, neither do I.
Jake: It's true.
Greenlee: So.
Jake: So.
Greenlee: What do we do now?

[Pager beeps]

Greenlee: Oh, wow.
Jake: No, no. I'm on call.
Greenlee: You are? What if that had happened when we were -- you know?
Jake: What do you mean what would've happened. I would have answered it, just like I'm answering it right now.
Greenlee: Seriously?
Jake: Seriously. What would you think I would do?
Greenlee: I don't know. I mean -- the timing could've been, well, off.
Jake: Greenlee -- all right, listen. I got to take off, all right?
Greenlee: Ok.
Jake: So am I going to see you later?
Greenlee: I -- it's -- yeah, yeah.
Jake: Yeah? Ok. Well, then that's when I'll see you, then. Later.
~Jake Leaves~
Greenlee: Oh, boy.
Greenlee: Oh, boy.
Jake and Greenlee make love