{{At the Loft}}
Greenlee: Thanks a lot! You could've waited. I told you I had to stop for gas. No. You flew out of S.O.S. like a hornet -- what's going on? Whoa.
Jake: So what took you so long?
Greenlee: I --
Jake: Hmm?
Greenlee: Had to get gas. What's going on?
Jake: Nothing -- yet. I've just been waiting for you here.
Greenlee: You did this for me?
Jake: No, actually, for us because I aim to please.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Great.

Jake: Oh, boy, it's hot.

Greenlee: Right, so you really want to go through with this? I thought you were kidding.
Jake: Well, the kiss felt pretty serious to me.
Greenlee: Oh, well, it was just so sudden.
Jake: Hmm. I thought you liked spontaneity.
Greenlee: Huh?
Jake: Hmm?
Greenlee: Hmm?
Jake: What? What's wrong? You're acting like you're a little flabbergasted.
Greenlee: I --
Jake: Hmm?
Greenlee: You're not worried that this will complicate our relationship?
Jake: Oh, I think our relationship's already complicated enough, don't you? Hmm?
Greenlee: Ok, I get it.
Jake: What?
Greenlee: This is to get back at me --
Jake: Uh-huh.
Greenlee: For telling pat that we sleep together.
Jake: Uh, "bed buddies" -- isn't that what you call it?
Greenlee: Hmm.
Jake: But do I look angry to you? Hmm? I mean, the only person I'm mad at is myself because I've been wasting all that time back in that bedroom doing a lot of thinking and not enough doing.
Greenlee: You --
Jake: Hmm?
Greenlee: Think about me?
Jake: All the time, lying in bed at night, all alone back there knowing you are on the other side of that wall, wearing -- what is those little things that you wear anyway? I like them. And the smell of your perfume. You've been driving me absolutely crazy ever since you moved in here.
Greenlee: Who are you?
Jake: I'm a changed man. Really, I am, I am, and it's all thanks to you because I'm ready to cut loose. I'm ready to flex all of my muscles, and tonight I'm going to work all of my muscles on your little body.
Jake: Boy. Now, doesn't this beat renting a video? You know what? I have an idea. Do you still have that video camera?
Greenlee: Huh?
Jake: Hmm?
Greenlee: Huh?
Jake: Come over here.
Greenlee: You want to make a videotape?
Jake: What? What do you mean? I thought you were into that. Didn't you make one of those with Scott Chandler? I mean, you're the pro here, but I'm just going to do my best to hang on.
Greenlee: That was ages ago. I was a film student.
Jake: Oh, no, it wasn't -- it wasn't that long ago.
Greenlee: Oh, well, I was still wild then.
Jake: Why, you're not wild now?
Greenlee: Jake --
Jake: Hmm? What?
Greenlee: I've done things, things I don't necessarily want to repeat.
Jake: Well, not things you're ashamed of?
Greenlee: What? No --
Jake: No, I didn't think so.
Greenlee: No, I have no regrets. You were a lot like Scott -- you know, he needed some loosening up.
Jake: See, that's what I'm talking about -- we need to cut loose. You know, hey, hey, stay right there. We need to get edible. Mm-hmm.
Greenlee: Unbelievable.
Jake: What do you say we just take this little party right on back to the bedroom? Hmm?
Jake: So what's wrong?
Greenlee: I can't do this.
Greenlee: Ok, I shouldn't have told Pat that we were bed buddies.
Jake: Well, many a truth is said in jest.
Greenlee: No, it has nothing to do with you, Jake. It's me.
Jake: Ah. So, this is not really for you, huh?
Greenlee: I -- I don't know what I want. Ok? I used to know. But I'm just not into the no-strings thing anymore. I'm sorry.
Jake: Don't be. You're growing up.
Greenlee: Wait a minute. Was this some kind of test?
Jake: Well, I guess we won't have any use for the whipped cream and that strawberry oil -- you didn't see the strawberry oil and won't have any use for that, either.
Greenlee: You weren't expecting me to sleep with you?
Jake: I just kind of played a little hunch.
Greenlee: Oh, and I'm supposed to believe that you didn't want to sleep with me, either, hmm?
Jake: Well, I never said that. And who knows what would've happened if we ventured back into the bedroom. But whatever would've happened, I'm sure it would've been pretty nice.
Greenlee: Oh, Honey. You don't know me after all, because I guarantee you "nice" would have nothing to do with it.
Jake puts the moves on Greenlee