<3<3Love In Bloom<3<3
Written by: Sarah, La_Kane2001@yahoo.com

(Jake walks into the loft and sees Greenlee on the couch crying)
J:  Hey Greenlee...
G:  *Looks up at him*  Please, Jake, Just tell me what I have done to make everyone hate me so much!  Am I such a bad person?
J: *sigh* What did Leo do this time?
G:  No, It wasn't Leo.  It was my father.  I am completely sick of him, Jake.  How many times does he have to remind me he only married mom for the money?  How many times does he have to bring up I was a mistake and he didn't want me or love me?  *starts crying again as Jakes goes over to her and hugs her* *sobbing*  I don't know what I would do without you Jake, you are actually the only person that will listen to me.
J: *tries to make Greenlee smile* It's not like I have much choice, after all, we do live together.
G: *smiles, and stares into Jake's eyes*  Why do you care, Jake?  No one else cares about me, so why do you?
J:  Greenlee,  I...I...
G:  You....???
J:  If you haven;t noticed Greenlee,  I like you alot, you're beautiful and sexy.
G:  Well Jake, you're not bad on the eyes yourself.
(They stare at each other for a moment and they start kissing passionately.  As Jake leans Greenlee back on the couch, Greenlee sees someone standing at the doorway)
J: What? (Turns around)  Oh, Tad!  I'm sorry, I didn't hear you knock.
T:  Well, the door was already open.  Did I interupt something?
J: Kind of, I just talking to Greenlee..
T:  From what I saw Jake, you were not talking!
J:  Yea, Yea, What did you want.
T: I was just stopping by, just to see what you were up to.
G:  Jake, I, uh..*eyes start to tear up, AGAIN*  I have to go, I can't stay here.
J:  Greenlee, wait!  Where are you going?
G: Anywhere but here.
J: *Pulls Greenlee into another passionate kiss*
T: Uh, I think I will talk to you later, Bro. (walks out)
J: Greenlee, come on, we're going out.
G: Where?
J: *drags her out the door* come on Greenlee...

(Drags Greenlee out to the campsite)
G: We were just here a few days ago...
J: Helps you relax, doesn't it?
(Greenlee and Jake lay beside each other on a blanket by the campfire, staring at each other, they start kissing each other again...one thing lead to another.)  ***FADE TO BLACK***
(This is a very short and kind of boring fanfic written by me.  :)  I will have better ones soon.)