More Than Friends
By Sarah
Scene:  Greenlee and Jake at the SOS

Jake:  So what are you going to have, Greenlee?
(Jake looks at Greenlee and notices her looking toward the door)
(Leo and Laura are standing by the door)
Greenlee:  Huh, what did you say, Jake?
Jake:  Greenlee, II think you need to forget about Leo and Laura, just for awhile any way.
Greenlee:  Jake, believe me, I am so over Leo.  Atleast, I think I am. 
Jake:  I know how it is to be in love and be ignored by the one you think you can;t live without...but later I realized I was just jealous because I couldn't have her.
Greenlee:  Let's go somewhere else, Jake.  I'm not very hungry.
Jake:  ....okay *Jake grabs her hand and they walk out of SOS, Leo spots Jake and Greenlee holding hands and Laura notices Leo watching them*
Laura:  So, uh, Leo, let's go home and make love! (Yes..I am making fun of Laura. lol)
Leo: No, Laura that's okay...

Ok, now we are switching scenes...
(Jake and Greenlee arrive at the beach)
Jake:  Here, sit down.
Jake:  Greenlee, are you okay?  You seem too quiet.
Greenlee:  Jake, I was thinking.  Remember when we went camping, you said you could fall in love with me, but you were afraid too because I was in love with Leo?
Jake:  *there is a pause*  yeah... what's your point, Greenlee?
Greenlee:  Well...I..  *She stops*
Greenlee:  You make me feel like a different person.  You're always there for me, and I hardly ever say anything comforting to you when you're down.  I feel like you care for me more than my parents ever did. *she looks at him and smiles*
Jake:  I do care for you, Greenlee.  I care for you alot, maybe more than I should.
*Greenlee looks him in the eyes and then gives him a little kiss)
Jake:  Whoa, what was that for?
Greenlee:  *she just smiles*  Jake, I just want you to know something, I really care for you, too.  I may not show it most of the time...but...
*Jake and Greenlee start kissing* *Greenlee starts to unbutton his shirt, as Jake kisses her on the neck*
Greenlee:  Jake, wait.  Is this for real?
Jake:  It depends if you want it to be.
*They continue kissing, Jake unzips her shirt in the back*
*Scene fades to black*

1 Hour Later:
Greenlee:  Is it safe to say that we both really care for each other?
Jake:  *smiles*  Yes, Greenlee
Greenlee:  *Greenlee gives him another kiss*  Let's go home.  I am so tired.
Jake:  Yea, me too.  It's been a long day.

(In the hallway)
**Jake picks Greenlee up and kisses her, he carries her into the loft**