Jake and Greenlee Quotes

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Greenlee:  *Hysterical* Jake, You're holding my clothes hostage?!
Jake:  Yea, I guess I am!
Jake:  The bush twins are going to be old enough to drink by the time your penthouse gets renovated!
Jake:  *Frustrated* Do you feel that you need to stick that surgically altered nose into everyone's business?!
Greenlee:  *pause* What did you say about my nose?
Greenlee:  Make me feel like a Goddess, Jake
**they start making out** *Jake stops*
Greenlee:  Why did you stop?
Jake:  Because if I do this, I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you.
Jake:  If I fall, {in love}, it's really got to be all the way.
{continue kissing}
Jake: Hmm. Do you always roam the building dressed like a toga queen?
Greenlee: You know what I'm going to do, Jake? I'm going to draw up a nice, cold bath and soak in it and forget tonight ever happened.
Jake: No, you won't. There's no way you're going to forget what happened. You're going to be thinking about it all the time. And you're going to sit in that cold water and you're going to be thinking about it until it becomes a raging boil.

(These quotes may not be completely right, I am just remembering them from the top of my head...)

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