Leo and Greenlee fans, take heart. Yeah, Leo's wed to Laura, while Greenlee's rolling around in the sheets with Jake, but this week on ALL MY CHILDREN, we see signs of life. And Leo sees a lot more.

In the wake of his quickie rebound marriage, Leo is struggling to adapt to domestic life. ''It's finally getting to a point where things are interesting because they're showing the conflict, as far as my character.'' opines Josh Duhame(Leo). ''They're showing a conflict between loving somebody and being in love with somebody, and doing the right thing and following your heart.''

At the beginning of the week, ''He's feeling a little claustrophobic in the house.'' says Duhamel. ''Taking care of Laura. Brooke and everything. He needs to leave.''

While Leo's taking a walk to clear his head, his ex is enjoying another sex romp with Jake. ''Greenlee loves Leo, but she's trying to move on.'' muses her portrayer, Rebecca Budig. ''She likes that Jake likes her She wants to have sex and be close somebody.''

Leo's stroll leads him outside Greenlee's apartment building, where he gets an eye-opening view of her relationship with the good doctor. Leo doesn't actually catch them in the act, but he gets the idea. ''They are making out and they are naked, basically.'' previews Duhamel.

This begs two questions: Isn't the roof too high up to be visible from the street? Have they never heard of blinds? ''I think it's like a sixth-floor window, so it's not that high up,'' explains Duhamel. As for the peep show, he chuckles, ''Greenlee's an exhibitionist and Jake's trying new things.''

Obviously Leo, who had no idea how chummy Greenlee and Jake had become, is heartsick. ''That's happened to me before, so I know [what it's like],'' offers Duhamel, referring to a real-life college experience. ''Not necessarily that same exact scenario, but it's the worst feeling. It's like you can't eat for days after that; I remember.''

Leo doesn't know it, but mother-in-law Brooke is watching him watch Greenlee and observes how much he's still affected by Ms. Smythe

Eventually, du Pres runs into his former fiancee, but doesn't let on about what he's witnessed. Greenlee, on the other hand, has a lot to say. Budig elaborates, ''[She says] that Leo's a coward. He's in this marriage he doesn't want to be in, and she's not going to sit around and get fat and ugly and pine away for him.''

Later on, Leo is confronted by a fully clothed Jake, who accuses his rival of waffling between his bride and one-time lover. ''Jake actually comes to the apartment to tell Leo to make up his mind.'' relates Duhamel.

''He doesn't have a great amount of respect for Leo,'' continues J. Eddie Peck (Jake). ''He sees a man who is really a bit immature in his actions and his motives. Leo needs to grow up. Jake sees Leo as an opportunist. Greenlee's just grown on him as time has gone on. He finds her truly adorable and attractive beneath all her shenanigans. He sees Laura as a sweet woman who's been vicitimized.''

Greenlee also gets a surprising visit from Bianca, who has a thing for Laura. ''Bianca wants Greenlee to get between Leo and Laura.'' relates Budig.

To make things even more complicated, Brooke hatches a scheme to get rid of her duaghter's rival once and for all, and enlists her own nemesis, Erica, to help. Mama English drops by Enchantment and urges La Kane to send Greenlee packing far, far away. ''She does offer a job in Paris,'' notes Budig. ''Greenlee says, ''I've done nothing wrong; you can't run me out of town.''

While this storm is brewing, Leo's home with his wife, but his mind is elsewhere. ''He loves Laura, he really does.'' insists Duhamel. ''He may not be in love with her, it may not be the kind of love that she has for him, but at this point, he doesn't to hurt her.'' On the other hand, points out the actor, ''He still in love with Greenlee, totally.''

So none of the current couplings are solid? ''No'' he laughs. ''Are they ever?''
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