WEEK OF 9/10-

-Greenlee questions Leo and Laura about their marriage.
-Greenlee and Jake celebrate his job offer.
-Erica interupts Greenlee's romantic moment
-Erica places Greenlee on probation.
-Leo takes out his frustrations on Laura.
-Leo warns Laura about her attitude.
-Jake assured Tad he hadn't caused Joe's stress-related arrhythmia attack.
-Leo was upset about Greenlee coming into his thoughts as he made love to Laura.
-Leo and Greenlee face off. Will they finally get to the bottom of their feelings without scratching each otherís eyeballs out? Could it be curtains for them as a couple, or could it end up being the beginning of a new relationship?


-Leo & Laura clash.
-Greenlee explores a new hobby. [Greenlee plays investigator]


-Roger Smythe meets his maker this November, in a murder mystery that will "affect the entire canvas". Greenlee is investigated by the police, and Leo with the aid of a girl named Tess will try to prove her innocence. But Leo may find himself attracted to her.