Ready to Move On
By: Cassie (
Jake is sitting on the couch in the loft.  He has been lonely since Greenlee moved upstairs to her penthouse.  As he was thinking about Greenlee there was a knock on the door, so he got up and answered it.
As he opened the door, Greenlee collapsed in his arms.
Jake:  Whoa, Greenlee.  Be careful, will you?  Greenlee?
Jake looks at Greenlee and it is obvious she is passed out, so he lays her on the couch and calls the hospital.
Greenlee regains consiousness.
Greenlee:  ...Jake
Jake:  Greenlee?  What happened?  What's wrong?
Greenlee:  (Who is still very weak)  I...I... don't know.  Some thing just happened to me.  I felt weak and light headed.  I didn't know what to do, so I ran downstairs to get you. 
Jake: Have you been drinking?
Greenlee:  NO!  Jake, do you think I am a worthless drunk or something?
Jake:  No Greenlee, it was a simple question.  I have seen this happen before and it is usually because of too much alcohol.
Greenlee:  No, all I had was one glass of wine with Daddy.  And that is so not enough alcohol to make me feel the way I'm feeling.  (Greenlee puts her hands on her head)  OH!
Jake:  Greenlee?  (Jake holds her hand) what's wrong?
Greenlee:  My head and my stomach.  I'm in so much pain, what is going on with me?
When Jake and Greenlee are in the hospital room, Leo walks by and sees Jake in there holding her hand.  Leo opens the door and walks in.
Leo:  Greenlee?  Jake, what's wrong with her?
Jake:  I don't know Leo, we are running tests.  (Jake lets loose of Greenlee's hand and is getting ready to walk out of the room)
Greenlee:  Jake, wait, Please don't go.
Leo:  (Walks over to Greenlee)  I'll stay here with you, Jake may have to go see if the results of your test have come back yet.
Greenlee:  Leo, look behind you.
(Laura is standing at the door watching Leo)
(Leo gets up and walks out to Laura, Laura is obsviously mad and Leo follows her)
Greenlee:  (To herself)  Come on Jake...Where are you.  I hate hospitals.
(10 minutes later Jake walks back into the room)
Greenlee:  Did you find out anything?
Jake:  Greenlee, it appears that you have been poisened.
Greenlee:  Poisened?  But, how?
Jake:  DIdn't you say you had a drink with your father?
Greenlee:  Well, yes, but why would he poisen me, Jake?
Jake:  I don't know, but your going back to the loft with me so I can keep an eye on you. 
Greenlee:  *Smiles*  Well, that's actually a good thing.  Can I stay with you until my penthouse is completely finished?  I don't like not having a front door, you know?  Too many weirdos around here.
(Greenlee tries to stand up, but she is still very weak, Jake picks her up and carries her out)
Dr. Joe:  Hi Son, where are you two going?
Jake:  We are going to the loft.  I want to keep an eye on her.
(Jake and Greenlee walk out of the ER and before they get into the car, Greenlee gives him a passionate kiss)
Greenlee: We can call that a Thank You kiss. (smiles)
Jake:  Felt pretty intense for a Thank You kiss, Green.
(They get into the car and Jake starts driving to the loft)
Greenlee:  Jake, do you really think it was my father that poisened me?  I mean, why would he do that?
Jake:  I don't know Greenlee, it may have not been your father, it could have been someone else.  I don't know if we will ever know or not.  You're lucky, it could have killed you. 
Greenlee:  It could have killed me?  Maybe it would be better off that way.
Jake:  Why do you say that?  Don't say things like that.
Greenlee:  My life is going so wrong right now.  I think I am getting over Leo, but something in me just feels empty.  Does anyone love me?  Would anyone care if I died?  I bet only a few people would show up at my funeral...if even that.
Jake: Come on, Greenlee.  You know better than that...Are you thinking all of this because of Leo?
Greenlee:  Because of Leo?  No, Jake.  I'm being honest...(Greenlee drifts off to sleep in the car)
A few minutes later Jake & Greenlee arrive home.
Jake:  Greenlee?  Wake up.
Greenlee: here already?  (Yawns)  I could go to sleep in a heartbeat.  (Opens the cardoor and tries to stand up)
Greenlee:  Whew...
Jake:  Come on, I got you.

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