Jake and Greenlee after Greenlee and Leo's crashed Engagement Party.
::Greenlee is sitting on the ledge of the roof::
Greenlee: Isn't that appropriate? To you, Leo -- from one dud to another. ::opens the champagne::

::Jake at the loft::
Jake: Just don't let him get to you, Greenlee, wherever you are.

::back to the roof::
::walking on the ledge:: ::she is drunk::
Greenlee: Why me? Can I ask you that? Am I such a creepy human being that everything has to happen to me? I mean, I'm not so awful, am I? Have I been that bad? I mean, look at where I came fro can't I get a break? So what if I'm rich and beautiful? What the hell good is that if I'm miserable? Whoa. That's high.

::Jake walks on the roof and sees her sitting on the ledge::
Jake: Hey there, Spiderwoman. What are you doing over there?
Greenlee: Jake! Hi.
Jake: Hi. You ok?
Greenlee: How'd you know I was up here?
Jake: Actually, I didn't. I -- the reception on the TV went out again, and I just came up here to play with the digital connection.
Greenlee: Oh. Cool. This was the skankiest bottle of champagne in history. Didn't stop me from downing it, though.
Jake: Yeah. Or pouring it all down the front of yourself, I see. So, listen, Green, why don't you just -- just pull your legs back over this way on this side of the wall for me, all right? Because you're making me really nervous right now, all right?
Greenlee: I was up here with Leo yesterday.
Jake: Yeah?
Greenlee: You know. B.K.
Jake: "B.K."?
Greenlee: Before Katerina.
Jake: B.K.
Greenlee: Too bad I didn't know then. I could've saved us a whole lot of trouble and pushed him over.
Jake: Listen, why don't you just come over here with me, all right? I want you to talk with me over here, please.
Greenlee: I am so not going to jump, ok? I mean, really. Over Leo? That would be like jumping over my father.
Jake: It would.
Greenlee: Bug number one and bug number two. I do not want that garbage on my tombstone. Hey! No, sirree. You can say the "I told you so's" now.
Jake: I don't want to do that to you.
Greenlee: Oh, come on. You warned me about Leo.
Jake: Yeah?
Greenlee: Well, you were right.
Jake: What, you think I'm happy about that?
Greenlee: I don't know.
Jake: Green?
Greenlee: Can I tell you something?
Jake: Sure.
Greenlee: I ordered monogrammed towels. G.S.D. -- Greenlee Smythe Du Pres. Is that the stupidest thing you've ever heard?
Jake: No.
Greenlee: What am I going to do with them now?
Jake: Well, we're going to figure out something, ok? Green, just take my hand. Green --
Greenlee: This could be very dramatic, you know. Like an airborne Anna Karenina.
Jake: What do you know about Anna Karenina?
Greenlee: She threw herself in front of a train. She was heartbroken. I did go to college, you know. There where some core courses I had to take.
Jake: Greenlee, I want you to take my hand. Here.
Greenlee: Do you think Leo would come to my funeral?
Jake: Green -- I got you. I got you.
Greenlee: I am so out of it.
Jake: No, no, no. You're ok.
Greenlee: I didn't mean that.
Jake: Can you walk?
::Greenlee nods her head "No::
Jake:   No? Ok. Ok. You're ok. I got you. ::picks Greenlee up and Carries her into the loft::