Jake and Greenlee make-up
Nurse: The patient in cubicle one is a female, 20s, complaining of
and dizziness.
Jake: Great. Thank you.
Jake: Hello? I'm Dr. Jake Martin and I understand you have a problem?
Greenlee: I'm sick.
Jake: All right. What seems to be going on?
Greenlee: Well, it started with an earache. It's a weird kind of pain.
scaring me.
Jake: Do you have any symptoms -- any other symptoms, like hearing
Greenlee: Hearing loss? No.
Jake: Good. All right. All right, Greenlee. Let's take a look. Just
the light with your eyes.
Blurred vision? Greenlee: No. Why? What, do you think it could be
Jake: Well, I'm going to order some blood work and radiologic studies
And we'll do a CAT scan after that, then an MRI and that may indicate a
surgical biopsy.
Greenlee: Whoa, Mister. Biopsy? Of what?
Jake: You may have a brain tumor. Maybe worse.
Greenlee: Why are you doing this? I'm trying to make up with you.
Jake: Why? What do you mean, why am I doing it, Greenlee? Why are you?
in it for you?
Greenlee: I don't like not talking to you. I don't like you not coming
ok? There's no agenda. There's no in-it-for-me. I just want everything
to be
ok again.
Jake: Why?
Greenlee: Ok?
Jake: Why? Why?
Jake: You know, your whole game is for attention. I mean, what were you
thinking, coming in here and posing as an ER patient just to get a
face time with me? This is not a playground. This is a hospital. We
deal with
real problems in here and real sick people.
Greenlee: It was a joke. I hate that I've driven you away. You're all,
removed or detached or something.
Jake: It's just -- it's just better off this way Greenlee, you know?
Greenlee: Not to me. I started counting on you, Jake. I relied on your
advice. But now I just keep making it worse with you.
Jake: No.
Greenlee: I know that you hate how I go on about Leo marrying Laura for
money, but I promise I won't do it anymore. I totally decided to listen
you, and I'm not going to tell Laura that Leo only married her for her
Jake: Just -- I -- it doesn't even matter to me. All right, you can
tell her.
Don't tell her. I don't care. Just leave me out of it. I don't want to
involved. All right, this is not my problem. You're not my problem. I
Greenlee: But I want you to care. I don't want to lose you, Jake.