What Happened Last Week between these two?...
Week of August 13, 2001

*Greenlee went down to Jake's loft in only a towel needing to use the shower.
*Jake caught her and Jake pulled her into a passionate kiss so she would be quite.
*Greenlee says that they can't do that because of what he has the other night.  He said that he would take his chances on making love to her.
*They made love, and Jake told her to 'fess up because that was the only reason she went to the loft was to see him, but she got out of bed and told him that she came down there only to take a shower.
*Jake stops her from leaving the loft by pulling her into another passionate kiss.
*Leo, who is on the sidewalk by the apartment building, got an eyeful when he saw Jake & Greenlee kissing in only towels.
*Jake tells Greenlee that he was a little more than in love with her.  He tells her if he falls, it has got to be all the way.
*They wake up in bed next to each other the next morning.  Greenlee asked Jake what would happen they they keep doing that, but Jake pulled her into a kiss.
Then Roger interupts them...
*When Greenlee gets home from work she is in a bad mood, Jake kisses her and asks her whats wrong, and she says that she has had another run in with Leo.  Greenlee tells him that shes sorry for ranting to him about Leo, again.
*Greenlee then goes over to Jake and tries to start kissing him, but instead he gets up and says that he has to go to work and he lightly kisses her on the forehead.
*Jake didn't go to work, he really went to tell Leo to make up his mind because he was sending Greenlee & Laura mixed signals.

...Take a guess.  LOL