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This is me...and this is the link to my personal web page...
This is a collection of some great pics.  Some are his record labels, a lot of them are my personal shots, and then some other pics of me and the LeDoux Crew.  Download as many as you want..but if you put mine on a web page...let me know so I can check it out!
Here is the real thing...the story behind the unofficial bigggest Chris fans ever.  From our first concert in Needles CA., to the hats we wear on our heads today. This is the truth about us...
We have found our second calling...Hotties.
I know it sounds cheezy but it takes pictures to explain...probably a good idea if only women enter!  Unless your a guy checking to see if you made it onto the hottie page...consider this your warning. 
Here are some of my favorite song lyrics, mostly Chris songs, but it includes a few others.  I also have links in order to find other web pages with a variety of artists and songs!
Here are my favorite links... a lot of Chris links and then some for some other great artists with awesome pages,
When bad clothes happen to...well most people.  We document the horrible, the bad, and the ugly of the fashion challenged coutnry fan!
We welcome all TRUE Chris Fans! E-mail me and let me know that your interested, we'll see what we can work out!
Please e-mail me or sign my guestbook so I can hear what other Chris fans have to say.  I would love to hear from you,
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