Punk Show In Binghamton

Binghamton, NY -Chi Phi House
November 2, 1996
8:00 P.M.

607, Abalienation, Anti-Product, No Reedeming Social Value, Martians (there were a bunch of other bands that played too.)

Entourage: Errol (who throw the show), and Rachel, Seth and Abbey showed up.

A very interesting day/show. A good friend of mine from high school, Errol, decided to throw this show and invite a bunch of bands and the cash would be donated to various groups/organizations. Canned food was also collected. So I came to help/have fun.

I walked 45 mins. to the Greyhound Bus station in Cortland so I could get to Binghamton. It was below freezing out. I got to Binghamton, we stole a car and we went to denny's. We all had no money to scraped up change to buy french fries and grits.Then we were in search of parties, found nothing exciting, so we went back to his room and talking well into the morning (7am)

We got to the frat house early (1pm) to setup. This was to be an all ages show so made sure that was no alcohol around. Then we went out and brought alot of water at CVS.

The first band that performed wasn't even suppose to perform, they kinda showed up. Everyone there (all ten at this point) said they sucked even before they performed. So they played and it turns out that they were pretty good. (I heard that they usually are extremely drunk when they play and was probably the first time that they weren't.) This band was the Martians.

There were more than six bands that performed that night, I just don't remember who else is there. (I wish I could find that flyer!) Let's see... 607 was the big local band, they were cool. Abalienation was an older band, one guy in the band owned a record store down the block. And No Redeeming Social Value... drove up from Brooklyn. A very cool band. Dual lead vocal band that had their stuff down. They ended up smashing into each other causing one another to bleed. I helped lug in everyone's stuff, it was cool. All the bands were very cool. It was a great show. It was mine first punk show and it was wild.

I missed out later to leave with some other friends (Rachel and Seth)... Errol and No Redeeming went out for pizza... Oh well... Plus I got locked off campus by security. So I jumped a fence walked up to his room and meet him as they walked in (3am.) We stayed up til 10am the next morning just talking again...