Tiffiny Miconi
Concepts For A Digital World
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I am a student in the Fall 2008 Concepts For A Digital World, (CFADW), course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I am enrolled in the Special Events Planning Program.
I am taking the CFADW course because I believe that understanding the impact computer-based technologies have on the working world is extremely important.  I hope to learn how these technologies have evolved, and more specifically how they have impacted our societal views.

In general, I am interested in this course because I feel the technologies used in everyday life play an integral role in the development of a knowledgeable and fully functional society.  I am specifally interested in the internet and its affect on the marketing of certain special events.

At present, my knowledge of information technology, in general, is small.  However, I have taken some previous classes on the history of communication devices and believe this will provide me with a good base on which to build upon.  My experience with some of the technologies is also small, as my need for the internet extends only to the research required to complete college assignments.