Kiet Nguyen
Concepts For A Digital World
November 18, 2008 Presentation Comments
November 25, 2008 Presentation Comments
I am a student in the Fall 2008 Concepts For A Digital World, (CFADW), course at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I am enrolled in the  Business Administration Marketing B108 Program.  
I am taking the CFADW course because i believe the world is changing digitally. Every occupation now depends on technology and business. The course introduction today shows importances of the subject. Therefore, it would be a benefit to understand the creation and current issues dealing with the digital world.

I've studied computer technology in my high school years and I was obsorbed by the materials I've learned. I'm interested in this course because it will offer me a review of what I had learned and more materials I've yet to learn.

Enrolled in computer engineering at my high school, I had developed a knowledge of computers in many divisions. I've present knowledge of Intergrated circuits, information technology, graphics design. I've done co-op for EMJ, a company that assembles laptops and desktop PC's and distributes them to Staple's and Future Shop all over Canada. I also had a placement co-op at Texas Instruments in Toronto in 2004-2005. I was positioned as an IT technician that networks and fixing company's desktops and laptops.