Gambino Family

New Jersey Faction

Dons (Bosses)

Robert "Bobby Cabert" Bisaccia
Bobby Bisaccia had been a long time player under former capo Joe Paterno. He was known in the 1970s as a hard hitter and earner. When John Gotti became crime boss he shelved Paterno to a soldier. It was known that Paterno lacked respect among the rank and file of the Gambino LCN Family. A known loanshark and bookmaker, Bisaccia was a high handed and tough New Jersey leader. In 1990, due to his choices in life, the state of New Jersey banned him from their casinos. He was still found slipping in under the alias "Bob Romano". In 1993 Bisaccia went down and was sentenced to forty years for New Jersey state racketeering charges, these have since been reduced and he was expected to make parole in 2001. However "Cabert" will then be given to federal officials to serve a life sentence for murder. According to an insider nobody in his crew or around him cried when Bisaccia was sent away.

John "Jackie Nose" D'Amico
Jackie D'Amico has come a long way since the 1980s when he was seen opening car doors and accompanying "Johnny Boy" to the racetrack. D'Amico stepped up and filled in on a ruling panel to assist John "Junior" Gotti and the battered crime network. He went on trial and was acquitted with Gotti and Company in late 1980s.

In 1999 he was sentenced to a year in prison for tax evasion charges, undoubtedly a result of the vast gambling rackets he is said to be involved in, and will have to watch over his shoulder while he steers the Gambino LCN Family. Look over not from fear of fellow wiseguys but from law enforcement.

Following a lengthy investigation by the FBI that involved an informant and the Gambinos' role in Operation Old Bridge. When it became apparent that the informant was found to be compromised, Damico and the Gambinos took plea agreements. In August 2008 he was sentenced to two years.


Anthony "Zeke" Squitieri
According to law enforcement Anthony "Zeke" Squitieri was inducted into the Gambino LCN Family as a soldier in 1986. According to former underboss Sammy Gravano "Zeke" took place in the 1988 rubout of Gambino soldier Louis Milito. Soon after, he, soldier Alphonse Sisca, Gene Gotti and John Carneglia were convicted of heroin trafficking. Squitieri and Sisca were sentenced to eleven years. He and Sisca have since been released, and are controlling much of the criminal activity in the Garden State. With the death of Gotti in June 2002, our friend Jerry Capeci and law enforcement now claim that Squitieri is an "acting" underboss.

Andrew "Andy Knapik" Merola

  Born Andrew Knapik in March 1967, Andy Merola defies the rule of having an Italian surname in order to become an inducted member of a crime family. In the case of Merola he legally changed his name and apparently threw piles of tribute cash towards Gambino bigwig Jackie D'Amico in order to secure his place as a made member and mover in the Garden State.

  Back when he was Knapik and before the age of 30, Merola spent time in the New Jersey prison system following a conviction for dope pushing stealing. He was incarcerated from 1991-1995 and sometime between 2003-2005, after the name change, received his Gambino card. What is thought to have happen was that Knapik's actual biological father was a Merola. Whatever the case Merola sounds desperate for group acceptance.

 For all the jokes that have been circulated about this guy he became a pretty serious player for the Gambinos, operating under the Goethals Bridge. From his base he influenced the affairs of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, based in Springfield and Local 1153 of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, based in Newark. Along the way he collected a few no show paychecks.

 Just as Merola was being button, legendary Lucchese mobster Marty Taccetta was being released from prison following a technicality. The once in a lifetime get out of jail free card did nothing to disuade Taccetta in his attempts to regain his footing for the 19th Hole Crew. Merola, along with his gangland pal Kyle Ragusa and a defrocked state investigator named Ralph Cicalese worked with Taccetta in shaking down construction companies. When not busy with those scams the group operated illegal sports betting through the website

 In May 2007 the gaggle of gangsters were hauled in and currently await trial.

The Cherry Hill Gambinos

Rosario Gambino

 By the 1960s Rosario, Giuseppe and John Gambino had settled into Chery Hill, NJ and operated a local pizzeria. Their father and Carlo's cousin was Tomasso Gambino, who had ties to the Sicilian Mafia. By the 1970s the brothers were heavily involved in heroin trafficking, arson and loansharking.

In 1984, after repeated attempts and the landmark "Pizza Connection" trial Rosario and Giuseppe were sentenced to 45 years. The most recent news about Rosario cropped with the final days of the Bill Clinton presidency. Clinton's brother Roger was uncovered accepting money and jewelry on behalf of Rosario for a pardon. Supposedly members of the Gambino LCN Family denied these charges and were later heard never wanting to be associated with a "bunch of hillbillies from Arkansas". His pardon attempts were denied and he is still in a federal prison.

Giuseppe "Sal" Gambino

 Giuseppe "Sal" Gambino was the brother to Rosario and John. The trio made a ton of tribute for bosses "Don Carlo" and Paul Castellano through the heroin trade. All three had ties with the Philadelphia crime boss Angelo Bruno and ill famed money launderer Michele Sindona. In 1984, Giuseppe was sentenced to seven years for narcotics trafficking and has believed to have passed away in 1994 from natural causes.

Giovanni "John" Gambino

 Although a long time player in the Gambino crime crew, Giovanni "John" took over the reigns of the Garden State in 1986 and was promoted to capo status. He would engage, as he always done before, in heroin trafficking and now added labor racketeering to his fortay.

In early 1990 he was indicted for these charges and would eventually be sentenced to fifthteen years, He is expected to be released in 2005. Former underboss turned government witness Sammy Gravano claims that this Gambino, along with Bobby Bisaccia, pulled the triggers on the rubout of Gambino solider Francesco Oliveri in 1989.