Rayong Province.

Ao Ban Phe from the top of Koh Laem Ya National Park hill

Rayong, is about 80 kilometres or just a one hour drive from Pattaya to the south and located in the east 179 km. from Bangkok, It is well known for its beaches galore, tranquil coves and charming little fishing Villages. It also will shortly be the site of the largest petrochemical complex in Asia, which has been under construction for some years.
The area provides visitors with fine beaches, privacy, and the opportunity for plenty of rest and relaxation. The Province contains numerous tourist attractions and places of interest.
  • The King Taskin Shrine, a pagoda erected on an island in the Young River, is approximately two kilometres south of the town centre. It hosts an annual celebration in November. ;

  • Phra Chedi Klang Nam on Gems Street and Unyamanee Road is the largest gem stone market place in Thailand. It is the newest marketing place for gemstones in Chanthaburi.
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  • Ban Khram Village, further from Ban Phe in the Klaeng district is the birthplace of the famous poet Sunthon Phul.
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  • Ban Phe, is a small hamlet where local products including fish sauce and dried shrimp are on sale.
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    Ban Phe - Koh Samet Ferry

  • Koh Samet, or Koh Kaeo Phitsaden, where Sunthon Phu based the story of Phra Apaimani, is some 30 minutes away by boat.
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    View of Koh Samet from the top of Koh Laem Ya National Park hill

  • Koh Laem Ya National Park and the Samet Island Group, which includes the islands of Kudi, Kruai, Khram and Plai Tin, contains beautiful beaches and fascininating spots for skin and snorkel diving.
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  • The Suan Son Pine Park, only five kilometres from Ban Phe, is a popular picnic spot set in tranquil surroundings.
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  • Suan Wang Khao, some eleven kilometres further along the beach, is tastefully landscaped and has several beaches and a bay.
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  • Koh Thalu is popular for camping, skindiving and underwater explorations and can be easily reached from Suan Wang Khao.
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  • Laem Mae Phim, with entrances at Kms. 259, 263 and 268 is very fine for swimming, the waves not being strong.
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  • Koh Khi Pia is a small island near the north of the cape and can be reached by walking when the tide is out.
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  • Koh Cha-Mao National Park, is full of various types of trees and plants. It is sited some 17 kilometres from the road.
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  • Koh Wong Caves, 89 km. from town has some 80 large and small interconnecting chambers.
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  • The Koh Man Island Group, which includes Koh Man Nai, Koa Man Klang and Koh Man Nok, has spectacular coral reefs.
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  • Had Mae Ramplung, approached by the beach road, is a long white sand beach.

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