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Ray Scobie ray

Ray Scobie is an English artist, he studied art at De Montfort University, UK and has been painting for fifteen years.

Ray is no ordinary painter. His technique is exceptional but his subjects are everday emotions, the kind of emotions that are rarely painted. He doesn't need to please or flatter his audience, his paintings are raw and confrontational, arousing a familiar emotion in every viewer. Everyone will relate to these paintings in some manner or other.

Ray says 'I am primarily concerned with depicting physchological tensions and emotions existent in everyday situations. Through the use of self-portraiture I convey ordinary and not so ordinary situations and feelings everybody at some time may have found themselves experiencing.'

Look at this gallery and you will relate to many of the emotions portrayed in Ray's paintings. Ray can even paint you in your raw emotional state.

Ray regularly exhibits in London, his next exhibition will be posted on this site and his work is in many national and international publications.

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