Grand Belial's Key is one of the first Blackmetal bands imerging from American soil. They play Blackmetal in a very personal and unique way. Let's find out a litle bit more about the band...

- Hail! Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Let’s commence this interview by you introducing Grand Belial’s Key to the less familiarized readers… (history of the band, current line-up, line-up changes, and so on…)
- Band history and such is of no importance at this point. All those who know nothing about us best keep it that way.

- Tell us a bit more about the ideological influences in this band? Does the band identify with any kind of political ideology?
Black metal is genocide, hate and violence, crude rejection of monotheism, and immeasurable disgust for the judeobeast. If you’re trying to infer that we favor a certain right wing attitude I will say that you’re wrong in assuming National Socialism is merely a political stance when it is much more than that. Regardless of the leanings of the members of GBK, the band in itself is strictly Black Metal.

- The name Grand Belial’s Key is quite interesting. How did it came up? Is there any special meaning behind it?
It was given to us by the Satanic Hordes over a decade ago. It was chosen for its symbolism. The key unlocks the hatred for the sheep.

- When you started the band you probably had some bands which influence you the most. Can you name those bands to me? What is your opinion about those bands today?
- Master’s Hammer, Autopsy, Vio-Lence, Nuclear Death, Razor, Rotting Christ, Crucifier. They are still very special to me now.

- You came to Europe in the end of the last year for a concert in Drakkar’s Hell Fest. Did you enjoy that fest?
- The fest was well organized and there were some decent bands like CORPUS CHRISTI, WATAIN, etc…Many folk from Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweeden, and Holland were present.

- It was not your first time coming to Europe; your problems with boycotts are well known. What is your opinion about those “authorities” which boycott your concerts or your albums?
- It was our first and only time in Europe. Our previous planned tour CASTRATE THE REDEEMER TOUR was sabotaged and cancelled by The Baroeg, Rene Veerkamp and the rest of the liberal Dutch scumbags. I shit on those fucking hypocrites who oppose fascism but censor anyone’s beliefs that oppose theirs. Who’s the fascist now?

- Have you had any of these problems there in the USA?
- Not in America because of our rights, but similar problems in Canada, which is no different than Germany or Holland as far as hate laws are concerned.

- Your latest full-length “Judeobeast ASSaSSination” as quite a different sound from its predecessor (the guitars seemed more down-tuned and aiming towards deathmetal), do you agree with me? If so was there any special reason for this, or it just happened naturally?
- I don’t agree, there is no difference between our albums. The only difference is perhaps a better studio, but in essence the music has always contained all elements of metal, death & thrash & doom. We don’t cater to anyone’s particular tastes but our own. GBK is GBK.

- One thing that is different in your band is that you don’t were any kind of corpse paint and the photos that appear on your albums are just the members of the band dressed normally, not posing with spikes and the usual stuff. Can you explain to me this different approach you have?
- When we used that kind of imagery, back in 1992, it was already trendy as many bands of the times were using it like Impaled Nazarene, Profanatica, Unholy, Thou Shalt Suffer, Zemial, etc… I preferred not to use them nor use war names. My counterpart, however, insisted it should be done that way. Eventually, I disposed of this clown and ditched the whole notion of image along with him. What you see in our albums is how we are. No make-up, no hidden identities, no “evil” photographs.
GBK believes that anyone who purchases an album based on the band photos, or is persuaded by them in any way, is a fucking queer homosexual.

- What about new releases, what are you planning for the near future?
- Split 7”ep with GBK/CHEMIN DE HAINE, and a hooligan black metal release with CAPRICORNUS in the distant future.

- Please state me your opinion about the current times in the Underground Blackmetal scene?
- It is insignificant as far as we are concerned. There is nothing remotely interested about the scene any longer. Until it ceases to be a playground for clowns and divas, I will consider this FUNderground to be dead.

- Different question now… What do you think about the current American offensive in Iraq? Do you have any personal view about terrorism?
- This has nothing to do with GBK, but any offensive is preferable to any retreat.

- As for conclusion I would like to thank you for being available to answer my questions and wish the best luck for the future of Grand Belial’s Key. The last words are up to you…
PO BOX 393
Oakton, VA 22124