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Pyaemia - ”Cerebral Cereal (CD, Unique Leader, 2001)
Sickly devouring the remains of society's putrefaction… Pyaemia hails from the Nederlands by the hand of Unique Leader. They started playing in 1995 and entered the legion three years after with the production of “Cranial Blowout” MCD. After signing the blood pact with Unique Leader Records they became an integrant part of the death/grind "mainstream underground” scene in Holland. Between deep growls vocalized by Joel Sta (who have played in other Dutch bands - i.e. Disavowed), inverted regurgitation and forensickness, guttural roars insanity, we are trapped in a Ultra brutal sound implosion. We assist to spasmodic goregasms of decrepitude, pornogory lyrics and spontaneous musical ejaculations wrapped in a transparent covering of modern brutalism and reality deformation.
They had some difficulties with the bassist, being that role replaced by Patrick of the compatriots Severe Torture. Now, Mark Wormmeester is the former bass player that will join the band in the new recording sessions
- somewhere to happen in the summer.
If you are a death grind enthusiast like me don’t waste your time looking around for underground rarities, and put your ass on the stores to buy this gutting CD.

1 -
Gorging on Mucus and Bile
2 - Cerebral Cereal
3 - Sugar Spiced Anus
4 - Blood Spewed on my Face
5 - Carried in Proboscis
6 - Malodorous Rancidity
7 - Cranial Blowout
8 - Everlasting Torture