Abyssic Hate is the solo project from the Australian Shane Rout. In this interview I talked with him about his last album "Suicidal Emotions" that received very good critics within the Underground Blackmetal scene, about the upcomming album among other stuff...

- Hail Shane, first of all I would like to thank you for your availability in answering my questions. Let's start this interview, as always, by telling us a bit of the history of Abyssic Hate...
- Oh damn ... this question is a nightmare to interviews for me! Boring history .. me, the project, 10 years - doesnt get any more simple than that. Check out the web page at www.filsofem.com/abyssic/ for a more detailed bio. Anything exciting (?) that happens with the project I paste there.

- How did the name "Abyssic Hate" came up? Is there any special meaning associated with it?
- Oh damn, #2 question I hate, hahah! It's taken from a Darkthrone lyrics, but I like the name ... Abyssic = the lowest point, hate = hate. Again, it doesnt get any more simple than that. The lowest point one feels which breeds hate, least that's how I interpret it. If someone wants to see some Satanic meaning in the name or whatever, then good for them.

- In your last album "Suicidal Emotions" one can see a great change in sonority as well as in lyrical concept, when compared to your first album "Eternal Damnation". Was there a special reason for this change, or do you think it was a natural evolution?
- "Eternal Damnation" wasn't an album, more an experiment which didn't turn out exactly as planned. It could have been a really good MCD but because my skills (?) as an engineer weren't too good, it turned out to be a bit of a mess. No Colours will re-release it on a CD soon with some other shit and it should turn out a lot better than the original version I hope. Natural evolution is the probably the right term ... I'm getting older, more mature musically and mentally, so the newer material is not influenced by early black metal stuff like the other releases. I'm really fond of the demo from 1994 though ... those songs were excellent in my opinion. I had the right frame of mind to create some good music back then (just as I was for "Suicidal" and the upcoming album).

- People usually associate the sonority of Abyssic Hate with Burzum, were Burzum a big influence for you? In your "Eternal Damnation" album it is featured a cover version of an Absurd song, were them also a big influence for you? Please name me the main influences you had when starting the band? Do you still respect those bands?
- Burzum were a big influence for "Suicidal" but since then, I've got a bit older and varied up my influences into bands which people wouldn't understand for the most part. I was never influenced by Absurd, but I respect them a lot, and wanted to pay some sort of tribute to them, in particular Hendrik Mobus (who also got my dedication for "Suicidal"). The NSBM scene has turned to shit nowdays so I dont respect any of these new and young fuckers who salute Hitler without a clue why they do. Some of the blokes involved are really dedicated and great people, but to the majority, I say "fuck em". But that said, my political views remain the same as they were many years ago. Read into that what you will!

- I know that you're planning the release of a split cd with Akhenaten's Judas Iscariot. What can you tells us about this split?
- The split was called off ages ago ... Judas Iscariot have already released all the stuff they planned for the release through other labels. I am not as fast with recording music as Judas Iscariot and they wanted to get the material out as soon as possible. Me personally, I dont like recording regularly ... every few years is enough for me, and enough for the majority of the black metal populace I think. Nobody wants to spend $300 a year buying a bands releases (but even though J.I release a lot of stuff, its all quality. Hail them!)

- Your new album will be released in double-cd format. This means that you've recorded a great amount of songs. Are all of them new songs? What can we expect from this album? Will it be in the same vein of "Suicidal Emotions"?
- There are not a lot of songs, but they are much longer ... I really cant tell you much about the new album cause I dont even have a clue how it will turn out until I get into the studio and see how it turns up on the master tape. All I know is that I'm delaying it until I get overseas and get a few additional musicians in the band cause I'm fucking sick of doing this all by myself. I'll always be the sole composer of the music but I couldn't be fucked going through all the torment of playing and recording the music all by myself when I have dedicated and talented musicians willing to help out on a full-time basis. The new album will be like "Suicidal" with some extra suprizes thrown in ... bands that do not progress and give something new and interesting to the listener should quit!

- You are from Australia, but you choosed to live in Europe, why was that? Is there a big metal following in Australia?
- Aussie metal sucks except for a few good bands like Gospel of the Horns and umm ... well, I dont like Aussie metal much. I like Europe cause the people are more interesting to be around and the music scene is better. Metal heads in Australia are idiots in my opinion for the most part, but then again, they probably think the same of me!

- How do you see the general Metal scene nowadays? More specifically about the Underground Blackmetal scene I think that it is regaining the long lost energy, do you agree with me? If not what is your opinion about it?
- I don't care about it personally. Whether it is dead or alive or whatever!!! I dont listen to metal that much now cause it bores the shit out of me. I will always be dedicated to it, in the fact I will always play metal but I prefer to keep my memories in the past and listen to more varied bands as I age.

- In the last couple of years some political ideals, as NS, for instance, infiltrated the Blackmetal topics. Do you aggree with Blackmetal music being used to transmit political messages? By the way, do you identify any kind of political ideology?
- I totally think bands should be free to discuss politics in BM if they wish to. Fuck those stupid Jewish minded assholes who think BM must be about Satan only. I will sing (scream) about any issue I like cause music and lyrics are a form of expression ... and yes, I will sing about political issues if I so feel the need, and sometimes I certainly do.

- Thanks a lot for your patience in answering my questions. The conslusion is yours...
- Cheers for the interview! Abyssic Hate hhits the live arena in Europe 2004 so if you are interested in seeing the project, well, you have been informed. Thanks to past and present supporters and FUCK OFF to the young little backstabbing fuckers in the (NS)BM scene who think their shit doesnt stink ... outspoken BM forever!

Shane @  www.filosofem.com/abyssic/