Ad Hominem is a NS Black Metal band from France that after one Demo and a Split-Demo with the horde Cantus Bestiae, released the debut full-length album in 2002. The one and only member in the band answered my questions…

- Hail Kaiser! First of all I would like to thank you for your free time to answer this questions. Lets start... make us an introduction to Ad Hominem's concept?
- Ad Hominem is based on my feelings towards human being. It's only aimed at superior spirits, and on no account must be considered as a way of changing people's mind. I speak of themes like knowledge/ignorance, destruction/rebirth, weak/superior races etc… Thus Ad Hominem transcends my thoughts, my dreams...

- How came up a name like Ad Hominem? What it means to you and what do you want to transmit with that?
- Ad Hominem is the Latin translation of "to man"; it's used in the French vocabulary and means an argument aiming at an enemy. For me it's a diatribe to all the people I hate a despise.

- How and when started Ad Hominem its activities? Tell me about Ad Hominem's history - Line-up changes, main musical and ideological influences.
- It started by myself in 98 after having played in some other projects...I've always and will always be the only one compositor for AH. I've used some session members for recordings and gigs, but Ad Hominem only comes from my head/hands.
About the influences, I try to compose as possible of my own and not to copycat any band. Ideologically, well it's large since it deals with anyone I hate. Just read the titles of "Planet ZOG - The end" and you'll understand.

- Personally I see a few points of divergence between NS and Anti-Human, cause NS pretends to build a new Aryan empire and Aryan people are humans... What do you think about this?
- Of course it's not the same, but don't forget that NS has an anti-human dimension. The cult of a people leads to the hate of another, and we can't say NS is totally devoted to socialism. It's an Aryan socialism, not a human one. For my part, I don't have any social part and if Aryan people is superior, it will rise by itself, and I don't have any time to waste trying to make a so called Aryan people become better. First of all, because this "Aryan people" is degenerated, today, and the only way to save it, is to raze mankind.

- I must confess I was waiting with great expectations for this album "Planet ZOG - The End". At the first time I heard it I was a little shocked but then I started appreciating it... it wasn't a delusion. Can you talk to me about the material you're working in, and your up-coming releases?
- Hmmm....I have so many projects, that I can't explain each of them...There's ERADICATION, CRUCIFIST, D/S/R, OMNES AD UNUM, and now I sing for CANTUS BESTIAE.
About Ad Hominem, I'm preparing the 2nd album, I hope it will be recorded this spring, and out this summer (normally from Undercover Rex). It's called "A new race for a new world" (it deals with a spiritual race, not a human one). I use a session drummer, and I intend to make something, rawer than "Planet ZOG..."

- You signed your debut album through Musique and Tradition? Are you happy with work with it?
- Well, yes and no, since M&T is a RAC label and the distribution hasn't been perfectly organized.

- What do you think about the French Black Metal scene? What about the Worldwide one?
- The French scene is not so poor. Some good bands are emerging, the problem being the integrity of their members. The ones I think worthy are CANTUS BESTIAE / SVEST, ORNAMENTS OF SIN, WARFIRE / ANCIENT BLOOD, for the ones that still exist. Before the French scene was made of good bands like the black legions (fuck off), KRISTALLNACHT / FUNERAL, SEIGNEUR VOLAND, OSCULUM INFAME, for the most famous ones.
The Worldwide scene...hmmm...the polish one is becoming a clone of the Norwegian one, even if there are still bands of integrity. The finish one is a source of excellent bands, even if most of them are still at the time of "Satan" trend. Same notification concerning the Hellenic scene, this time devoted to the NS cause. The bands I prefer are those who have their own personality. At the moment I listen to CLANDESTINE BLAZE for example...

- In France there's a strong NS movement, I think, there's a lot of NS bands that spread propaganda. Are you into any political movement?
- No. I don't feel concerned by any political organization. People who are totally devoted to NS are wrong for me. We are all individuals. I don't like clones.

- Do you have any beliefs? Tell me about them...
- Beliefs, no. Hopes, yes. The hope to see mankind's fall someday… The hope to know the rest and oblivion through Death… If I had to believe in something, it would be in myself, nothing else. But I'm convinced our lives are futile and you can only be respected thanks to what you make, not because of what you are. I mean there that you may be a great person, if you don't do anything during your life, you won't be respected.

- What do you think about the Black Metal people who were arrested? Xaphan, Hendrik Mörbus, Varg Vikernes?
- I only personally know Xaphan, but not too much. I can only say that they don't deserve to be/have been in ZOG's prison. I don't have to judge their deeds. I could be one of them someday, as everyone among us. The only sure thing is that being in jail doesn't make someone being superior or respectable.

- For the end I would like to thank you again for taking your time answering my questions. Keep up the good work and the Black Metal flame alive. Last words are yours...
- Thanks for your interest and support. Take care and stay proud.

Lord Infaustum