Armagedda are a band from Sweden that started a couple of years ago by the name of Volkermord. They play Blackmetal as it was played back in the early 90’s. The bassist, A, answered some of my questions...

- Hail A! Before starting with the questions I would like to thank you for being available to answer this interview. For first questions let’s start with the standard one… Can you enlight the Sinful Obscurity readers with some of the history of Armagedda?

- We gave birth to Armagedda early 2000. We have released 2 cassettes, 2 EPs and one full length album


- What were the bands that influenced you the most when starting this band? Do you sill respect them nowadays?
- Musically we have been influenced by bands like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Bathory etc etc.
Yes, i still respect the old releases of those bands.


- During the history of the band you changged the name from Volkermord to Armagedda. What were the main reasons for this change?
- Since we thought Armagedda was a better name with a more relevant meaning. Armagedda is taken from the bible and it is the valley where armageddon will come to pass. Also known as "Jehovas Hell".


- I really enjoyed your album “The Final WWar Approaching” and as far as my informations go, it received very good reactions. What do you think about those reactions? Where you satisfied with them?

- The reactions have been both positive and negative and i don't care about them as long as they come from average people. I appriciate if people I know and respect feel our essence of black void.


- Now you’ve released an EP named “Strength Through Torture”, but I still didn’t had the chance to listen to it. How do you describe this new effort?
- It's in the true Armagedda vein and contain 2 tracks and a bit more destructive than our earlier releases.


- Merciless Records is the label you’re coonnected to. Do you enjoy this connection? Is there any problem as you are from Sweden and them from Germany?
- We have no kind of connection with Breath of Night/Merciless Records anymore. We have signed with the french label Drakkar Productions. And there is no problem with them being in another country. Suits us well.


- In the end of the last year you were involved in the Marching Towards christian Extermination mini-tour. What was the global result of this tour? Did you enjoy playing live around Europe?
- We only did 4 gigs since we are cursed as usual so we had to leave the tour. From time to time the tour was OK, but there was too much "kindergarden" feeling over a lot of people there. So I would say that the result sucked a lot. However we are not a live band anyways so...


- Do you intend to keep performing live, or this tour was just an exception?

- I would like to see it as an exception and we have no future gigs planned at all.


- And about the composition method… How do you compose the songs? You first write the lyrics and then try to find the proper riffs for them, or is it the other way around?
It's different from time to time. Mostly, I create the hellish sound first and then look at the lyrics I have wrote and see if it fits well with the song.


- I’ve saved the personal questions for thhe end... What is your opinion about the nowadays Underground Blackmetal scene? Do you think the evolution has been in the right way?
- I have never cared that much about what you call Black Metal Underground evolution. We do what is nessacery and do not care about others. My interest falls often into the bands I know and am in contact with.


- Thanks a lot for answering my questions.. Feel free to conclude as you like…
- We entered Necromorbus Studio the first week in March for the recording of our second album "Only True Believers...". The album is planned to be released in May-June this year. Contact Drakkar Productions for more info.